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Beck Trek 2017 - Day 25: Identifying Sabotaging Thoughts

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

(The Beck Diet Solution Team is currently working through the 6-week program outlined in Judith S. Beck's book by the same. I encourage everyone to check out the team and perhaps join in the read.)

Day 25 - Identifying Sabotaging Thoughts - what it looks like in real life.

This was the scene at my house yesterday:

Setting the scene: drama, misunderstanding, and lack of support at work, peaceful lunch hour interrupted, two additional projects dumped on me at the end of the day. I can't wait to get home and relax. Expected a 2-minute stop to pick up a Rx but there were six people ahead of me. Hungry, emotionally beaten down, impatient and upset.

Shortly after I arrived home, DH texted to say he would be two hours late. That means dinner will be two hours later as well. And therefore
SABOTAGING THOUGHT #1: I have to have a snack because dinner will be really late and I'm hungry now.

My choice in snack (trail mix) was not the worst, however, after I measured my 3-tbsp serving I decided:
SABOTAGING THOUGHT #2: I'll just have a little extra. It won't matter.

So I added "a little extra" - another tbsp - to my dish and thought, "Good for me for serving it out in a dish rather than eating out of the package." (This is Justification, which we'll get to on Day 26.)

Of course, the trail mix was delicious, I was still feeling stressed and unsettled and actually still hungry because I gobbled down the trail mix quit quickly, so I decided:
SABOTAGING THOUGHT #3: That "little extra" wasn't enough to calm me down or satisfy my hunger, so I need some more.

Another entire serving later, I came to my senses and stopped myself from adding "a little extra" again. But THREE TIMES I made decisions that were not helpful in getting control of emotional eating.

It would have been fine to serve up the ONE serving of trail mix, get my exercise clothes on so I'd be ready to hit the treadmill for a mile or two walk, or get the cleaning supplies ready because I need to clean the bathroom. I would have been better to have another activity planned so that I could start right in after the ONE serving of trail mix. That will be my plan for next time. I'll probably have a chance to put it in action today.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree with Kriszta, you're really nice! I wait for my husband most evenings, but sometimes, I'm just...naw.

    I know when I'm legit hungry, it's hard to think of ANYTHING else, so I can well imagine just wanting to snarf the trail mix (especially because, mmm, trail mix...).

    Suiting up for exercise is a great idea! I don't know if busting out cleaning supplies would have helped me, because that's no fun. I pen pal for a hobby, and sometimes I will sit myself down to write to distract myself from the kitchen's siren song.
    945 days ago
    Oh dear, what a day!
    And so nice of you to wait 2 hours for your husband, despite being so hungry.
    Great observations and learning experience for today.
    945 days ago
    It's amazing how the emotions take over, isn't it! Well, glad you stopped yourself. Lessons learned.
    946 days ago
    ...and move on. Logging keeps you honest and aware. Get rid of guilt. Won't help you in your journey. You can do this. Best wishes.
    946 days ago
    I had to skip dinner until after my class.Standing at pharmacy counter picking up meds I noticed the basket labeled healthy choice. Bought to tide me over.Mixed nuts no salt.Looked like 2 servings. Logged it.The key I'm sharing is log it and move...
    946 days ago
    Oh man oh man oh man I can absolutely see and feel the frustration and the hunger. What a great blog. And I think you are on to something about having an alternate plan and the parts in place to implement the plan. In the heat of that kind of moment after such a trying day letting the brain wander in the weeds is a really bad idea. That is how it feels to me when I do it. Wandering in the weeds. Unhelpful. Tiring. Risky. One can fall into a woodchuck hole. Or get ticks. Ick.

    I vote for the exercise clothes. Cleaning the bathroom may be necessary and you may be glad afterwards but you deserved some niceness after that day. Niceness that is also really good for you is double good.
    946 days ago
    Excellent blog on sabotaging thoughts and aptly applied to real life: which for me is where it sticks best!!! Give yourself credit big time!!!
    946 days ago
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