Day 1/ 112

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ok. So day 1 is under way. I've got my water and I'm starting off with a protein shake. I don't have much food in my house right now- I really need to go to the store- so I'm not sure what I'll eat today, but we shall see. I already have my grocery list, I just don't have money! lol. I will tomorrow though, so I'll be able to go to the store! yay!

I don't want to add too many things to my plate at once. I think nutrition is the #1 thing to make or break a healthy lifestyle, so I'm going to be focusing on my nutrition this week and not worry about working out so much. Now I say that, but I'll still get movement. I need to clean the house and walk the dog, things like that, but it will be the regular movement of my life vs a high impact routine. I'll probably edit my daily blog post throughout the day. I think blogging multiple times (it wont always happen) is a good way to keep me focused. But I don't want hundreds of blog posts that cover the same time frame, so I'll just have one blog post a day that will be edited. :)

I'm joining the winter 5% challenge. The challenge doesn't start until Jan and my challenge starts today, but that's OK. That means in a few weeks, I'll have one more reason to stick to my goals and one more source of support.

For lunch I finished the pizza I ordered on Friday. It's all gone now! I want a cookie, but instead I'm drinking water. I've got about 2 cups down. I really should have had about 4 cups by this point, but it's day one and I don't drink water too often.

Yesterday my dad gave me a baggie of homemade cookies. I forgot about them. I remembered them today. And then I ate them. I've gotten down 3 cups of water!

We went to Bob Evans for dinner and I had grilled chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and banana nut bread. I was able to drink another 3 cups of water (24 oz) during dinner. I've totaled 8 cups today (as of right now). I think today was a good first day. I don't expect perfection. This is a journey. Day one is in the books.
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