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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Well, Sparklers … I have caught up with reading allll my Spark friends’ blogs. Whew … that took a while and I don’t have many friends : ) I get sooo much out of y’all sharing your knowledge, support, motivation, tips and tricks and your lives. Annually I clean out all my Sparker friends who have chosen to leave Sparks … it’s always sooo sad to see how many no longer participate.

This road to healthy is long, difficult and bumpy. I have been on the road, under the road, no where to be found near the road … and back on it again. So, I totally understand. This journey is not a straight line and as long as we never, never, never give up AND strive towards change … we WIN.

I am wrapping up a complete week of being on track … minus exercise. Weigh in this morning has me at 176.2 so I am down 7.4 pounds this week. I have over eaten the last several months but I have gotten off the narrow path of food choices and have proven to myself the food sensitivities I truly have. I left Colorado December 15th weighing in at 170 … yep, up from my lowest of 159.5 in August. But my eye opener is I gained up to 188 while here in St Louis. That’s 18 pounds in 5ish weeks. Tons of antibiotics coz of the bronchitis and pneumonia … tons of ice cream coz, well I wanted it coz I was sick … lots of wheat products/gluten coz DD was in charge of getting me to eat “something” during the weeks of being sick … and lots of chocolate coz I was sad with the passing of BFF’s hubby. So, gluten, dairy and sugar are NOT my friends. The belly bloat, water retention/inflammation and insomnia have returned full force.

Hubby and I are both finally well from our bouts of bronchitis and me being hospitalized with pneumonia. We will leave St Louis on Monday to slowly travel over the course of a week to our oldest son in Dallas by way of Oklahoma so I can see Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. Then we will be in Dallas for 2ish weeks. This means for the next 3ish weeks while still away from home … Sparking will be hit or miss due to “free” WiFi. Of course … this is a time I need y’all most.

Being on “vacation” comes old thinking and old habits but being “home” in Texas brings back a flood of old stinkin’ thinking. We will be hugging on oldest DS and g-kids BUT we will also be celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday at my childhood home where lots of … well, painful stuff happened at the hands of my dad. Mom and I have a love/hate relationship … she loves to make me hate her She is a southern food pusher from way, way back. Food equals love … and she wants me to know she loves me even though she is a pain.

I have worked the Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck and 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle numerous times. Coz this road to healthy for me … is ALLLL about behaviors … coz my behaviors are what got me in trouble … it’s my behaviors that have to change. And that takes time and practice.

For your brain to achieve satisfaction, you have to eat slowly, pay attention to the bites, and appreciate your food. ~ Linda Spangle 100 Days of Weight Loss

Linda Spangle used an example of what happens to your attention when taking care of ONE two-year-old child. When I read this … I laughed out loud. We spent two weeks in November taking care of our Colorado three g-kids ages 14 months, 4 and 6 while their mom enjoyed a much deserved mom-daughter vacation. I felt like I was on guard 24/7.

While keeping the g-kids … I became very aware of this lesson. I started out trying to eat my meal while feeding the 14 month old g-kid. Did NOT work. I looked down and my plate was empty but I had no recall of eating and felt “hungry”.

And for the last month we have been with four g-kids ages 18 mths, 6, 13 and 15. Hubby and I had our three kids in our early 20s when we were young, energetic and very, very naïve … yet we were calm but assertive. DD has raised her children differently than we did. The whirl wind of activity and commotion here is mind boggling. I can’t hear myself think.

Now we are headed to our oldest DS’s place where he also chose different parenting skills and once again wild and crazy g-kids will abound.

At home, other than watching TV and/or visiting with hubby … I try not do anything while eating. I find this very, very helpful. I was one of those who didn’t know how much I had eaten until the bowl/plate/bag was empty. Eating went on automatic.

While away from home I have quickly fallen back into eating on automatic. Being deathly ill and not eating at all didn’t help … but it’s amazing how quickly I can revert back to old bad habits.

So, after reading everyone’s blogs … I am inspired to be … FIERCLY DETERMINEDLY on the road to health.

Thank you Sparkler friends.

*Read my reasons for chunking alllll these pounds. Why am I doing this??
*Planned and ate s-l-o-w-l-y and mindfully … doing sooo much better.
*Stop when you are physically full … did this more times than NOT.
*Exercise … Arrrrgh, I gotta get moving again.
*Not my food. Oh, well kiddo!

My arms won’t look smaller … just coz I cover them up. ~Kenlie@alltheweigh

Here’s to … LIFE … uncovered.
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