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Dehydrating Celery and Then Making Powder !

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dehydrating Celery and Then Making Powder !

The other day, I went to get some veggies from my veggie crisper in my frig and found that my 2 new heads of celery were partially frozen ! emoticon

What's Up With That ???? And What to do Now ???
Well, I decided that the defrosted chicken thighs I had out for dinner were going into a pot and make some soup ! That will use up some of that frozen celery !
Then What to do with the rest ???
I decided to dehydrate it to save and use in the future !
First, cut up the celery in 1/4 to 1/2" pieces.

From 1.5 heads, I got 8 cups of cut up celery !
Then get a pot on the stove with water and bring to a full rolling boil and add celery !
You only have to keep it in the water for 1 minute...No need to bring it back to a rolling boil.
Just put it in and take it out after 1 minute. You are only breaking down the cell walls so they dehydrate quicker and reconstitute better and with more flavor !

Since mine were frozen, I kept mine in the water for 3 minutes.
Drain with a slotted spoon or spider and put on the screen for you dehydrator.

Dehydrate for 6-8 hours or until the celery is completely dry and crunch !
This is what 8 cups of diced celery looks like after it has been dehydrated ! About 1/2 cup + !!!

At this point, you can put it into an air tight container and store it on a shelf for a very long time ! Just remember that when you go to use it, only use a small amount as it will grow about 5 times its size !
Well, I decided to go one further and make celery powder !
All you have to do is grind it in a high powered blender or coffee bean grinder.
I use the coffee grinder !

Grind away until it turns into a powder...
Then strain thru a fine mesh strainer moving it around with a spoon.
What ever is to big, regrind !

After all of you dried celery is ground, store it in an airtight container !
When using, remember that this is very concentrated, so try a small amount first ! You can always add more and flavor to your taste !
This is how much I got ! About 1/4 cup of Beautiful Celery Powder !

You can use this in soups, stews, dips, smoothies, seasoning blends, where ever you would use celery !
Look at all of the space you Saved ! And it will last a very long time !

OH !!! I almost forgot !!! Don't throw away that Celery Water !!!

Save it for making a pot of soup ! Freeze it or can it for future use ! I used mine for that above mentioned chicken soup !

Thank You for reading my blog and do try this !
You can powder all kinds of fruits and green beans, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsnips, peppers, and so on !
Enjoy !!! emoticon
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