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The cow and the cat!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Just look at the above picture---all the kittens using the cow for warmth--
You know, I almost gave Sushi, the cat who came in from the cold, away , to our Vet, who said they could place her in a farming home and she would be a barn cat--In fact, I drove her down the highway, so they could take her to their main clinic even farther down the highway, in farming country--
That night I couldn't sleep--kept thinking, "This cat was finally trusting me and here I gave up on her!"----At that time we were still going through the "I'll let you touch me for a second but then I'm going to bite you" phase--
Needless to say, I got in the car and drove 2 hours west, and picked her up--brought her back home here, and she is our resident cat and quite loving---well, most of the time!

I guess I'm telling you all this, because now I am happy that I didn't turn her over to the cows
altho, cows and cats seem to like each other in the barn--or so it seems---

This morning, my weight is --UP----not much--but it is bouncing-- (I shudda never stood on the scales this AM)--
I am "sticking to my guns"-as my Mom used to say---
I'm being stubborn here ----I know in the long run ---if I do most stuff right---those scales will move DOWN_--It's the Battle of the Bulge---

Oh-----and look at how cats do fit in--eventually---

They always believe they will!
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  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    Brings back memories; growing up the cats always used the cows as heaters.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    719 days ago
    Yep, scales go up and down and can be so FRUSTRATING, but the secret is NOT giving up because our bodies do fluctuate a good bit. It is the overall trend we consider.

    Barn cats can be quite happy. I remember my grandfather's cats waiting lined up side by side just waiting for him to send a squirt of milk into their open mouths as he milked, and then he would take down a pan and pour some frothy warm milk for them to lap up. But they didn't know all about the warmth and cuddling Sushi now gets from you. She is so fortunate.

    No matter what I do to prevent it, our cat has figured out how to wiggle herself under the sheet and comforter on our bed. As long as she stays on my husband's side I overlook it but if she gets on my side i make her move as I sleep with the covers up around my ears and her hair makes me sneeze. She spends the day in the bed and the night on the beds snuggled up between the two of us, doing her best to touch us both. I love watching her carry on long protracted conversations with my husband, whom she views as her personal slave. I enjoy her but she definitely prefers him.

    Have a great day, Lynda, and all you faithful fans who follow her blogs as I do.
    719 days ago
    Awwwww, that's meant to be that you didn't give up on little Sushi!

    Now, we have to keep having faith in OURSELVES, right!
    719 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I’m sure that Sushi is so happy that you kept her. Keep sticking to your guns! emoticon emoticon
    719 days ago
    cats think they can be anything around them lol
    719 days ago
    I have always loved my kitties! Keep at it Lynda you will see the results I just never know when!
    719 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    You remind me of my niece who had two children and two chihuahuas and decided to take one dog to shelter 45 miles away. She felt so guilty all night that the next day she drove back, had to pay $100.00 for the shots, etc. and took her dog back home.
    719 days ago
    So glad Sushi picked someone special like you to take her into their family! emoticon
    719 days ago
    Sushi chose you. So glad you chose her too.
    719 days ago
    I'm glad you decided to keep Sushi and I'm sure she is happy that you are her person! We have Sheba, she was one of the 2 cats my mother had when she died. Sheba wasn't even a year old at the time and afraid of her own shadow. She still is afraid but she loves Daisy. She also goes outside with us every morning and sometimes even in the afternoons. I think she thinks she's a dog!
    719 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Sushi would never have been as happy at the farm as she is with you and Himself! 🐱
    719 days ago
    My weight was up this morning too. Must be something in the air over North America. I'm glad you didn't give Sushi to the farm animals; you would have been consumed with guilt, which you don't need. Apparently there are some lessons here for everyone in the house. I'm glad you get to see the good results. Have a great day!
    719 days ago
    So many entertaining stories have come from you adopting Sushi! So glad you decided to keep her!
    719 days ago
    That looks like one happy, content, fat cat surrounded by her protectors. I'd wanna be in that room too!
    719 days ago
    Sweet, i am glad you want back for Sushi. I know she is happier & healthier. Hang in there. Sometimes the scale lies!
    719 days ago
    Sushi is part of the family
    719 days ago
    Sparks warns us not to depend on the scale as it weighs according to water and other things so can be a real disappointment. I forgot to weigh Monday before I had coffee and I just realized I am doing it again. I am still fighting the weight I gained on prednisone, I lost and then gained it right back to the same spot! Now on just 1mg but it still causes appetite and weight and this cold weather and sciatica have cut in to my walking and exercises. Did see the chiropractor and all is better but I will go one more time. Always is frustrating how easily the body gains weight but seems determined not to let it go. I think I said how my doctor said you are fine as I was sitting on the end of the table looking at my gut sitting in my lap!! I would be fine losing the 10 pounds but have read many times how hard it is to lose even 5 when you are close to goal. The battle goes on. It is very cold here and the wind never seems to go away and people gain weight in winters like this. Over 20 below this morning. I have to wear a ton of clothes just to take the dog out and then take them on and off to work inside! Should lose weight doing that all day.
    Ok, yesterday is in the past, this is our today, let's do it emoticon
    I am glad you went to get Sushi, she is part of your family now. Not sure how she would adapt to finding herself in a barn with cows.
    719 days ago
    I'm glad you kept Sushi. I've gotten use to her. BTW, just because the scale is not going in the downward direction, do not fret. Keep doing the right things and it will move. Keep on with your program. You're on the right track.
    719 days ago
    719 days ago
    I am holding off getting a cat until later in spring. I miss my furry friend!
    719 days ago
    Yes, indeed... we keep forgiving them... and they keep giving back. Rubia is a feisty little thing, and plays like a kitten, going after my hands as I tie my shoelaces. I keep acquiring small scratches that need to be bandaged. But I haven't given her away!

    emoticon emoticon
    719 days ago
    My scale is bouncing, too. I think it was too much salt and not enough water yesterday. Today will be a lower-salt day. Maybe that scale will descend tomorrow.
    719 days ago
  • JANET552
    I love our cat too. Even though I really am a dog person.
    719 days ago
    Yep-darn it! Our scales bounce up and down all the time! Maybe it's the scales... or the salt, or the amount of water we've had to drink. Who knows, but it's irritating. What we DO know is that we are in it to win and at the end of the week, you WILL be down!
    719 days ago

    Sometimes changing our minds is a good thing !!

    Oh, remember that the scale only says how much you weigh.
    And, weight include water and the contents of your digestive tract...
    your bones & muscles, too...
    not just how big your fat cells are at that moment in time.

    You cannot control what your body does with what you feed it..
    You can only control what you feed your body and how you use your body.

    Have a great day, week, and KEEP SMILING !!
    (Oh, Dear, I hope I have not offended.)
    719 days ago
  • no profile photo MOXYCAT
    Lynda, might want to stay off the scale -- keep doing what you are doing -- it will be worth it - it will change.

    So glad Sushi is YOURS --

    You are such a good woman.

    719 days ago
    Cats believe in themselves - be like a cat! emoticon
    719 days ago
    No matter how cute cats and cows are, in your area Sushi belongs INSIDE! That is where our Holly stays. She is declawed in front so she is perfectly happy here inour apartment.
    719 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I've had several cats/kittens when my children were small, they were always bringing them home to adopt. But I'm really a dog person, a tiny dog is my preference. I've had wee Chihuahuas and love them. But a pet is a pet, they become part of our family. I'm so glad you kept Sushi.

    And stay off those scales, they'll drive you crazy! Once a week is enough, Lynda. I'm bouncing around all over too but have lost a bit this month. Hooray!
    719 days ago
    Our cat and dog (we lost) were best buds. When he died she really missed him!

    She is on my leg now as I type.

    Have a great day Lynda and stay off the scale. emoticon

    719 days ago
    So glad you decided to keep Sushi. I am sure she is too!

    There are 2 cats here, and a big bladk lab in addition to my Ringo. Toby, the lab gives Daisy the cat her morning bath. It is hilarious to watch. Mittens comes into my room and drinks Ringo's water and eats his food. So I guess they like each other!

    I am fighting the battle of the bulge, have to win, because I don't have any other clothes to wear!! Keep Sparking!

    719 days ago
    Very sweet.
    719 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Don't EVER let the scales spoil your day!!!

    Cow and cat together looks really cute together. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    719 days ago
    Poor Sushi! Her mama was giving her away! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    719 days ago
    I didn’t realize you almost gave Sushi away, although I remember all the problems you had with her at the beginning. So glad you kept her and it all worked out.
    719 days ago
  • P61763
    I also love cats
    719 days ago
  • KITT52
    I love cats too
    719 days ago
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