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Tuesday, 1/30/18

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This is a scripture that I've been discussing with Isaac this evening as we are in the middle of the need to be kind, etc., to one who is being hurtful. I told him I needed this on a shirt to wear to the game tomorrow....

The coach of the "A" team was verbally unkind with Isaac at practice today and this Mama Bear hasn't had her opportunity to teach him about how to work with children with autism. Basically he left Isaac feeling that he was useless to the team. It was very obvious from what Isaac told me that this guy has zero experience with special needs because things he said are typical communication issues and he just believes it is Isaac being inattentive and negative. I don't think Isaac's ever seen me in Mama Bear mode before and I think it will help him realize that he is very important to me and that he was not being treated well out of ignorance Anyway, I texted Patrick (the prior Harlem Globetrotter and SFran pro player that works with Isaac) and asked him to call and talk with Isaac in the morning. I'd also like Patrick to speak with the coach as one ball player to another. I'll leave it there for now. I need to be kind, but I am sad for Isaac.

I was just coming out of the emotions of all that when I got a text from Tim stating that Curt (the friend he's worked with since the late 80s) is not doing well at all. Said Curt's son phoned and held the phone up for his dad so that he could tell Tim how much he meant to him and to say goodbye. Of all the people Tim has lost in his life, this one is going to be very tough. Curt has been the one who could keep Tim leveled out when his anxiety hits regarding work and they have shared so much life together. I'm sad for the family and the fact that Curt will never see all the grandbabies that are to be born by the end of this year. I'm sad for Tim that he is having to deal with this on his own in Oregon in a hotel room. So more emotions and tears on my part. I did text him to state that Maegann was not taking the news well and was a mess so he called her to talk and now he's helping her with her geometry homework over the phone. Thankful as there would have been no getting her to sleep easily.

On the mouse front....

After a couple of unsuccessful days on the hunt for a mouse who seemed to get away with the treats untouched...

...more traps appeared...

and still the treats were being enjoyed untouched.

Last night I got more serious and added some amazing seeds to the peanut butter and this time I won! Midnight... SNAP!

In the morning when I was getting Maegann up I saw another one run along the wall out of her room. I thought I heard another one after the snap. Thankfully it wasn't but about 15 minutes and another SNAP was heard from the kitchen. I did set two traps again by the dryer just in case there is another one, but so far the treats are untouched so I'm thinking we have them all for this round.

I went grocery shopping after dropping Maegann off at school and then it was almost time to take Isaac to his dental cleaning, but I did get the laundry started first. After lunch, we got school done and I took a nap after the science video and then it was time to pick Maegann up, drop Isaac off at practice and then get Maegann to her dental visit. Once the kids are in bed I plan to watch an episode of Glee and then go to bed myself.

Tomorrow.... school, paid work, a basketball game and...

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  • JANET552
    Prayers for Curt and for those he will be leaving behind.
    674 days ago

    I feel so bad for Isaac and I am happy that your friend will be talking to the coach. Autism or not, nobody should be talked down to.

    I am sorry about Tim's friend but I am glad that Tim got involved in Maegann's homework because it helped the both of them.

    YEA!!!! They are gone!!! The mice that is.


    - Nancy Jean -

    674 days ago
    I'm betting most people in this world have no idea how to talk to someone with autism and I doubt the coach means to hurt Isaac. I am glad you have Patrick to help educate him and that he has knowledge of how to talk to a coach with the experience of the sport as well.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of a good friend to Tim.

    Woo Hoo on the mouse. Praying they are all gone now and you don't see anymore.
    674 days ago
    Very emotional day for everyone in your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs
    674 days ago
    I haven't taken the time to read blogs lately and realized how much I missed it. Sounds like you are still keeping busier than ever. So sad that Isaac was not treated well by the coach - just no excuse for that and glad to hear you had some resources to help the coach understand.

    Also glad to hear you have the mice under control - that must have been a relief!
    675 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    Good on you going into Mama Mode
    675 days ago
    Sorry act it was such an emotional day. I hope that today goes smoothly for everyone.
    675 days ago
    emoticon What n emotional day all the way around - glad you were able to catch the mice.
    675 days ago
    Oh you poor girl ,you will all be in my prayers tonight.I have worked with children with autism and I am afraid if I had been close by I would have gone into beast mode ,anyone who works with children has a responsibility to learn how to deal with children who have a special diagnosis He was told Isaac had autism so there was no need for this incident at all.I feel for Tim & Maegann too it is always hard to lose someone special to you.
    675 days ago

    Good luck on the mouse front. You might have to find the point of entry and steel Dooley and foam it. My son when he moved to his new house inherited a rat! He spent many a day trapping and rat proofing his home.
    675 days ago
    emoticon you've all had such a draining day. I'll be praying for Tim, Meagann, Issac, and you. So glad you are finally catching those mice.
    675 days ago
    Prayers for you & your family Mama Bear
    675 days ago
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