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50 Ways to Feel Happy

Friday, February 02, 2018

Borrowed from A NEW OLD LAURA

1. If I haven’t exercised yet, do it NOW!
2. Take a shower. Brush my teeth. Get completely dressed with lotion, nice clothes, hair fixed and make up.
3. Say an out-loud prayer.
4. Read scriptures.
5. Write down 5 things I’m grateful for.
6. Call Hubs.
7. Send a funny text to the kids.
8. Clean and disinfect off kitchen counters. Pause and look at the results.
9. Go to the consignment store and find something cheap and cute. Talk to the cashier.
10. Watch a TV show that makes me smile.
11. Walk on the treadmill (even if I’ve already exercised).
12. Write on a piece of paper one chore that I have been procrastinating. Complete it and then cross it off the list.
13. Light some nice smelling candles.
14. Plan a date with my husband.
15. Pick up one of the kids for lunch.
16. Meet Hubs for lunch or a workdate.
17. Make a yummy dinner.
18. Make bread.
19. Paint my fingernails and/or toenails.
20. Read a book on my Goodreads list.
21. Make a to do list. Circle one item. Complete that item. Complete one more item and then throw the list away.
22. Ask somebody for a hug (a L-O-N-G hug).
23. Ask somebody to scratch my back.
24. Hubs to give me a foot (or hand) rub.
25. Do something kind for someone.
26. Compliment 5 people (emails, FB, SP).
27. Write down the 3 things that are worrying me. Write down 2 things I can do about each item. If there is nothing I can do, scratch each item off the list.
28. Write a blogpost.
29. Make a list (of something, anything).
30. Go out into the sunshine.
31. Change my phone screensaver to something that makes me smile.
32. Find 3 memes that I like.
33. Take a long shower (even I have already showered). Put on lotion.
34. Make a grocery list. Go to the store and talk to 3 people.
35. Choose a room. Write that room on a piece of paper. Turn on the timer for 15 minutes, and blitz that room. Write DONE across the list.
36. Look at pictures of my healthy journey progress.
37. Turn on fun music (LOUD). Dance. Sing any song I know—seriously …. or as loud and obnoxious as I can so I’m even laughing at myself.
38. Make some freezer meals.
39. Smile (especially when I don’t feel like it).
40. Do something creative or crafty (mending, coloring).
41. Go to the library and look at magazines or books.
42. Watch a funny movie.
43. Look at old pictures of the family that have fun memories.
44. Watch some stand-up comedy or other funny videos on YouTube.
45. Read a book or article, listen to a podcast, or watch a video related to the class I’m teaching.
46. Play a game with the kids (board game, card game, or whatever). Challenge Hubs or the kids to a competition with a goofy award for whoever wins
47. Find a new recipe to try out. Put on some music while I cook.
48. Think about my “bucket list.” Make a list of future plans/goals/dreams.
49. Write down what is good right now in my life.
50. Ask a friend to write a list of the things that they love about me. Read it. And then keep it so I can reread it when I need a boost.
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