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Smiling while I still have teeth-

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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Winter is STILL here-
I know it is only February--
It's minus 22C and that's cold!
And am I looking forward to weather ABOVE zero?----YES!!!!

Well, I am in a dither here---and will be for most of this month--
You see, I need to have serious stuff done at the dentist--soon--
In fact, the appointments are booked-with impressions being taken Monday.

Then on the 16th, four front top teeth will be capped---
Lord love a Duck eh?-
And a new partial plate will be made----so more impressions--
I wanted to get these teeth a few years ago, but---a new furnace took priority--then some fencing had to be done----and the sunroom built--then a safer vehicle was purchased----
-a woman's teeth certainly weren't on the top of the list---

So life goes on---

I grabbed Sushi yesterday, and stood on the scales, holding her--She has gained 2.,5 pounds since she moved in a year ago----had to tell you all!

There are days that I sing the song-- emoticon . " Sometimes its hard to be a woman" emoticon ----
It does make me wonder how Queen Elizabeth's teeth held out over the years-She had as many children as I did----Did she have to wish every Christmas for new front teeth?---
In the long run, having these teeth replaced just might fit into my diet plan---
-kinda a tough way to lose weight---

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