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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The people who succeed are the ones who have attempted to repeatedly … as often as they backslide.

I got this from Deepak Chopra’s book … What Are You Hungry For? I started reading Chopra’s book yesterday and find sooo many things “speaking” to me. Pursue awareness eating. The advice to eat healthy is all good. What’s missing is HOW to change. You do that through awareness. Awareness is the key.

And then what does WaterMellen’s blog speak to this morning … being here. Being in the moment.

And then FocusOnMe ask … what would you do if you knew you would not fail.

Yep. The teacher will come when the student is ready.

Being aware of my eating behaviors and changing the ones that did not serve me well … was my focus for 2017. Evidently, I have more to learn / relearn AND change in 2018.

I’m down 4 pounds from Wednesday’s weigh-in. Eating s-l-o-w-l-y, putting my eating utensil down between bites, chewing thoroughly, tasting the food, choosing clean foods, taking at least 20 minutes to eat my meal, and doing NOTHING while eating. Hmmm … if I was at my goal weight … this “vacation” weight gain would already be right back off.

But my behaviors need to be consistent … by not going off the deep end and engaging in stinkin’ thinkin’ and compulsive gorging. That’s true maintenance … not just the number on the scale … but consistent balanced behaviors.

And as I move forward … I want to take a step backward to the quote I found buried within Sparks from DietGirl and shared yesterday …

Feel your emotions, don’t feed them. In times of stress it’s tempting to bury your feelings in cake – better to feel bad about bingeing than tackle the real issue!!! ~DietGirl.

Wow … I have spent weeks feeling bad about binge eating instead of feeling the feelings of loss and uncomfortableness dumped on me by life.

Being in the moment … is not always easy. Feeling yucky feelings is not always easy.

But being overweight is not easy … either. Just sayin’.

My arms won’t look smaller … just coz I cover them up. ~Kenlie@alltheweigh

Here’s to … LIFE … uncovered.
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