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3/31/18 Fight

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's to fight. Fight for what's right. Fight for what you believe in, what's important to you. But most importantly, fight for the ones you love, and never forget to tell anyone how much they mean to you while they're still alive."

The Captain called the Sergeant in. “Sarge, I just got a telegram that Smith’s mother died yesterday. Better go tell him and send him in to see me.”
So the Sergeant calls for his morning formation and lines up all the troops.
“Listen up, men,” says the Sergeant. “Johnson report to Personnel to sign some papers.
The rest of you men report to the Motor Pool for maintenance.
Oh by the way, Smith, your mother died, report to the commander.”
Later that day the Captain called the Sergeant into his office.
“Hey, Sarge, that was a pretty cold way to inform Smith his mother died.
Couldn’t you be a bit more tactful, next time?”
“Yes, sir,” answered the Sarge.
A few months later, the Captain called the Sergeant in again with, “Sarge, I just got a telegram that James mother died. You’d better go tell him and send him in to see me. This time be more tactful.”
So the Sergeant calls for his morning formation. “Ok, men, fall in and listen up.” “Everybody with a mother, take two steps forward.”
“Not so fast, James!”

It's Bunsen Burner Day! High school science lab! Blast from the past. It's also Hug a Medielvalist (they're a special breed of historians), Crayon Day (where's my coloring books?), Prom Day, Backup Day (for saving our computer, not driving the car), and Eiffel Tower Day. It's "She's Funny That Way" Day in honor of the women who make us laugh.
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