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Finally feeling like Spring!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Yesterday went well... until 4 am this morning, when I woke up with low blood sugar. I know what I'm SUPPOSED to do.. I'm SUPPOSED to eat 15 g of carb, wait 15 minutes, and I should be fine. But what do I do? Stuff every sugary thing I can get in my mouth to try to make the feeling go away. And last night was no exception. The only blessing is that there weren't that many sugary things in the house!

But I woke up this morning determined that I will NOT let last night derail me. Yes, it stinks that I ate all that junk. And yes, I probably cost myself any hope of seeing a loss at WW on Wednesday. But it's over and done with, and I'm moving on. So today I've been right back on track, eating as I should be and not dwelling {too much} on last night. While I'm not proud of how I handled the low blood sugar, I AM proud that I shook it off and put my nose back to the grindstone, rather than letting it throw me off my game for the whole day or even week.

I tried to put on my Fitbit the other day, and it doesn't work anymore. I couldn't get it to charge. So I decided to look on Amazon for a fitness tracker that was maybe a little cheaper cause I really couldn't afford another Fitbit. I found one that sounded like a good one and ordered it, and it arrived today.

I like it a lot so far. I haven't really messed with all the features, but what I have used has been nifty. And it FINALLY seems like a real Spring day here, so I decided Hubs and I would take Ginger to the park and let her play in the woods so I could get in a few steps and take it for a test drive. It was absolutely perfect weather for it, and Ginger was happy as a clam to get to play at the park.

We walked around for 21 minutes, which was a pretty good workout for me. I haven't had much activity in a long time, so I'm taking it slow. I walked for 10 minutes, sat for about 3, then walked for 11 more. And even though I was in some pain and tired, mentally I felt good about getting out there in the woods and walking.

After we finished at the park we took Ginger home and dropped her off, then we headed back to the store. We needed a couple of things, and instead of sending Hubs in by himself, I went in as well. That was kind of a big deal, that I had the energy to get out and go in after having gone walking. Lately getting out of the car one time is about all I can handle. So I was glad to have the energy to get out and go in the store too, and get the things we needed.

Tomorrow is going to be a bigger trip to the park. One that's a little further away. We're going to pack sandwiches and hummus with veggies for a nice picnic lunch, and go hit a trail. I'm hoping to walk 3 10 minute sessions, but we'll see how I'm feeling after today's walk. I might have to do only 2. Three is my goal, though. And I'm really looking forward to visiting a different park and enjoying the nature, and our picnic.

So for now, I need to go make up the 1 Point egg salad for our sandwiches. Hope everyone's having a good start to the week!

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