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Thursday 3rd

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Kind of a day off ...just to the feed store..they had chicks!!! emoticon
Really cute and unusual ones, I stood there and oohed and ahhhed over them. Wondered what they would grow up to be..NO one knew!! The hatchery just sends extras that did not sell. humph...no thanks!! But might end up with a really special one..yeah right!! So I managed to walk away with empty hands and a smile on my face! I got my hands full right now thank you!

It has rained the past two days...thank you!! Now I need it to dry up so I can clean up the grow out pen. The house needs cleaned and new bedding down. put some roosts up and then sort out the yard area. My young birds are rapidly outgrowing their present living quarters.
Pecking at the sunshine on the wall

Is this the way out of here?

They will get up on anything.those two are on the door to the chicken house that I have tied open!

you can almost see the look on this face...There is a way out...I just need to find it!!

Poncho delivered.. Neighbor delighted..me very pleased that she was so happy!

Now knowing there is feed to be unloaded and a load of work to be done in the morrow..I do believe I am going to opt for early to bed and early to rise. It might not make me ..healthy , wealthy and wise...but it will make me feel better!

Night y'all...rest well !!

indeed all too soon twill be that time!!
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