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Lovely Day..Sat 5th

Saturday, May 05, 2018

We had a perfect day for the BBQ. Sunny but no wind..no threats of storms rolling over the mtns. And thus far the bugs have not arrived. A few flies but not like they will be soon.
We have what we call Miller Season here..they get so thick that they can block the light on a screen as they move on up the mountain. Bit of totally unnecessary info...Miller moths are one of the primary sources of protein for Bears!! One year when there was a "shortage" of Miller moths the bears were coming into campgrounds and were much more aggressive about getting food. That is when I learned..from a game Ranger...about the moths. Funny how a lil bug can be that important in the diet of a huge critter like a bear!! Shows it all goes hand in hand..there is nothing that is more important than another..just each has their slot in the overall plan.

Speaking of plans..mine went Ka Fooy today I had thought to make this a veggie and fruit only day..Then my son called and asked if I had any potato salad...hint hint...so fixed up potato salad and deviled eggs. Over to their house we went.

. We had a lovely BBQ .
Some friends came and we ate and visited. Twas a lovely day for all. Even my DH joined in with tales of his life. Everyone left with full tummies and smiling ..so success !!
Tomorrow I will chop up my salad and veggies for the week ...prep is as important as planning. It also makes it so much easier to stick to plan. Those moments when you just do not feel like making a salad..well ..humph...there it is right there in the fridge..just grab some!

My lil birds are starting to act like independent children. They still run towards me at the sound of my voice..but then they look at me as if wondering what I have for them. Tonite they were tucked into their lil house I took time to count to make sure all were in. One decided maybe she needed to come out..NOPE! As I closed the door she gave a bit of a squawk..so of course I had to open the door to make sure she was ok. Sure nuff she was already over by the others getting all cuddled up for the night. Who worries too much??

Now I am ready to relax..read a bit then head to the bunk too...
I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!!! Nite !!

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