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Friday, May 11, 2018

So ..another week almost in the bag. I did pretty good. Stayed within my calories in..went over on my calories out. Main issue is there is still too much fat and not enough protein in my diet.
Not really heavy on carbs...but am going to review and see if I cannot achieve a better balance.

For some reason my lil buddy Skinner has been a bit needy. I have given him extra time..for brushing ..massages and just general company. I feel I need to get a companion for him..not sure if it should be another donkey or a small horse, not miniature..just a pony sized..like a Mustang. Leaning towards another donkey..but have not met the right one yet. Just gonna keep looking.

Young birds are getting independent. They still run at the sound of my voice..but so do the big girls, as they are sure there has got to be a treat coming! They are right most of the time.
trimming veggies and left overs...since there is no longer a dog to give them to ..the chickens have the corner on the Left Over market.

Poor Whitie... I guess there is one Buffy type hen that likes him..other than that he is a lonely batchelor. Sir keeps him away from most of the ladies and that one big red hen just chases him mercilessly . Am torn between finding him a home that would be more receptive and just giving it some time. It will be months before the young birds will be of a size to be ready to mix into the flock. Wait and see seems most logical to me.

Oh the weather guy just said magick words...RAIN!!! it would be lovely to get a bit of rain!
would like to get my new batch of veggies planted before it rains..but not gonna cry if it goes ahead without me!!

Not sure how to count the calories spent on the up and down the ladder..holding a heavy fan body to secure it and twisting and turning to get fan blades installed. Plus keeping balance on a bouncy bed..no room to move it out of the way..so used it to be able to reach fan!!
Worked...fan is in and is running!! But indeed my body is screaming at me right now.

Thinking a lovely soak then to bed would be a super fine idea!! Nite y'all....

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