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Sunday 13th

Monday, May 14, 2018

First I hope everyone had a good day..all the Mum's out there...be it 2 legged or 4 legged kids
we love 'em !! Tis nice there is a special day to celebrate all that Mum's do without any thought of reward or recognition.

I used my new pressure cooker today...OMG I am in love!! Chicken with mushroom gravy...ready in 15 minutes!! And it was good!! Where has this tool been all my life!!

I wish I had been able to film or even shoot photos at the same time as I was doing a "chase the chicken " dance. My geese actually will put themselves to bed..all I have to do is close the gate. Same with the big birds..they go in and roost. I close the doors and all is secure..well as secure as it can be. But ....the young birds...well I try to go out and tend to the others without saying anything, cause soon as the young birds hear my voice...Here they come at a run!! Sigh..no..you were in your house...I want you in your house...so shoo...shoo..that works on a few...one is behind me hoping to peck my shoe..another goes East..while one goes West!! 3 in...3 playing the clown...and me jumping around as if I had pepper in my panties!! New dance step..kick ..get your balance..kick again..only not to hard..then here come the others dashing out the door as the excapee's go in! Tis a plan I tell you..they are plotting against me!!...Finally with a bit of gentle coaxing they all ran into their house..but standing at the door looking straight up at me as if asking What?? Do you wanna do that again!!!
I usually have a larger group...and their personalilties kinda get lost ...but with these 6 I know each of them and I think they know their names..especially Tiny Tina!
Skinner started the day with a treat of carrots...he almost grinned when he saw me put those in his feeder! He has been off apples for a while so I thought to try carrots...success!! I got one of those de-furring gloves they advertise..now to find time to go out there and give it a trial run! I will get before and after pics of Skinner. He gets a thick heavy coat ..once brushed out he is about half the size he appears to be. Since I had his hooves and teeth done he has not be real happy with me...won't stand still for grooming..that has to stop!
So with the start of the new week, I add the job of daily brushing ...gotta be done!!

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