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Friday 18th

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Crazy storms tonite..we are getting lots of wind..but no hail yet at least. Colo. Springs , only 32 miles north of us has hail so heavy it looks like snow!! I was really hoping for rain..but not the hail..I just do not wanna lose my baby plants..hmmm guess it is better than losing them when almost ready to harvest Huh!!

I have seriously got to get out there and mow before the grass needs to be grazed by goats.
OH..yeah..an excuse to get goats!! LoL ...seriously NO!! I love goats and used to keep them..had milk goats , lovely lil ladies all. But do not have the fences and sure nuff do not want to have to go out and milk twice a day. Twas fun when I did it..but that was then..this is NOW!!

I have a goose that thinks she needs to set a nest. When I peeked in to see if she was in the goose shed...such a fit of hissing and going on!! She even stood up and stretched her neck out as if she was gonna chase me ...nope..been bit by a goose once..that was enough! My gander , Jack, thinks from time to time he is gonna challenge me. I have been known to grab him by the neck and walk him about for a while. Seems to work..not sure if he is shamed or if he just acknowledges me as "boss", either way tis ok.

We spent a quiet day. The wind was too strong to be out in it..and I had a new book that needed my attention. Problem with being retired...no set schedule so you can pretty much do what you want when you want, no pressure. Thus it is easy to put things off. Nice thing about being retired..no pressure to do it now since it is your day off!

The war of the mice is on again. I am not sure where they are getting in at..but since we got Lil Mama's hutch tight..they moved over to Blue Boys hutch. I thought it was tight..but nope the feeder showed otherwise. I looked carefully and saw what might be a couple of spots where tiny lil mice could get thru. I plugged those up with some boards. In the AM I will check and if that is indeed where the critters are getting in...guess I will build a new door for his hutch, the openings were around the hinges...OMG!! Someone commented on the multiple critters they feed...well sign me up for that group..whether I want to or not!! But poor lil Blue Boy is jumpy now from the silly mice swarming his pen at night. So gotta get it fixed for him.

Fearful thought...if I drive them all from the rabbit hutches are they gonna head for my house!! Oh good now I will think about that for half the night!! hee hee Not really..I keep peppermint oil out and the mice hate it!

Oh the boiling water weed trick. worked on dandylions that were coming up in the walkway..also did a job on a clump of grass. Might take more than one application ..but am thinking it is a way to do small area weed control that is totally environmentally friendly!!

Here's to a great weekend for everyone. I hope you find something fun to do..get some R& R..and lots of much needed rest!!

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    575 days ago
    Cats are good for mice. There is a couple in TN that have a business that provides the fencing for an overgrown area that is not easily bush hogged and the goats to clear it in several days.
    575 days ago
    Awwww poor Blue Boy!!

    I vote for YES dwarf ones!! Hahaha baby goats ARE the funniest animals EVAH!! Facing comment away from Izzy's eyes. She's of course on my lap purring.
    575 days ago
    25 miles west of Colorado Springs … and our yard was white with sleet.
    575 days ago
    I use peppermint oil on my sun porch, Katie. Keeps stink bugs, ants, and spiders out! Haven't seen any mice either......of course I never saw the before starting the peppermint oil...TEEHEE. I use an infuser and it makes the whole house smell fresh.

    Feeling sorry for Blue Boy...I would be jumpy too!!

    575 days ago
    Thanks for the update on how the boiling water weed control worked and also on mice not liking peppermint oil. Both useful to know. Hope your plants survive that nasty weather.
    575 days ago
    Every day above ground is a good day
    576 days ago
    I loved your horse picture Katie ! I have faith those mice are no match for you!
    576 days ago
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