Another new week !

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I always love a new week. Sunday is my day of
rest. It is a great way to start a new week.

I am pretty happy about how things have
progressed since April 1. Found a great new
team and have been motivated to work
hard on changing my weight. Since Apr 1,
I am down 12 pounds. Mostly due to low-carb
but a lot of credit goes to the new team. I am
almost back to where I was when I started to
gain weight again.

The sleep project is going really well. It seems
to be stabilizing, all last week was successful
in all aspects: To bed and asleep by 12am and
up by 10:30, some days earlier.

I am also glad for the wonderful open areas in
the house. The clutter was driving me crazy. This
week, I plan to declutter and clean my bathroom
for sure. Maybe work on sacking up some books
to take to Goodwill. I read about an Amazon deal
and I will check it out. Maybe make a little money.

Did a small facial today for a challenge. I need to
get back to taking better care of myself. I still need
to do my mani-pedi and haircut-eyebrow wax-deep
condition from my earlier rewards.

Goals for this week:
1. Set bedtime and wake-up time for this week 12pm-10am
2. Continue to drink 64oz water daily
3. Go to bed on time ..
4. Get up on time.
5. Maintain my weight 226, but don't stress over it. (down 12 pounds)

My SP challenges:
Daily Goal feats 10+ for 6 days ... done
SparkCoach: Daily Consistency and Motivation: ... done

New calendar challenges for May:
30 day Small Changes Challenge ...
Spark People Limited Mobility Challenge ...

Spark Teams to concentrate on :
60+ w/ 100-200 lb. to lose:
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