100 days of OMAD: 61

Monday, May 21, 2018

Believe it or not,I am still on OMAD and although it slips and slides, I am slowly losing weight, which is of course very satisfying.

My energy has been spent on starting a new team on the swedish site I also use as an addition to Spark. The teams there are private, only the members can read what is shared and there was a wish for a group for people with three-numbered weight (in kilos) i became the administrator and we settled for the name "heavyweights" I am not sure if it´s the same in english but the swedish word has a double meaning, apart from the physical meaning it also means people with authority and wise arguments in debates... We are eight members and fastly advanicing to become the most busy team on that site... I have worked hard to establish an atmhospehere of honesty and openness and so far it is very good.

In practice, Ihave installed a "fridge locker" in my fridge:

...where my daughter keeps the butter and cheese. This is an acceptance of the fact that I can´t hendle evening cravings very well and if there is bread, butter and cheese at hand (in swedish: smörgås)I will fall. It has been an interesting process since we started to use that - my mind suddely has the craziest ideas when I am shopping and wants to purchase all sorts of foods that can be eaten on impulse... so the trick today is to shop only from a written note,

This inner craziness is calming down now and it is a lot easier to get thorugh the evenings without giving in to cravings... but I am REALLY very unriliable in this, daught said that she sometimes forgets to roll the combination lock – which meant that late at night I test it... and the other night it had been left open so of course I hade to have some sandwiches when opportuinity was there.

Confessed to daughter nest morning to remind her to check that she locks, she asked if she needed to change the combination but i had not been that smart to notic – but I assure you that I will be in the future. If she forgets it again and I check and find it open I will memorize the locker code.... insanity rules this home!!!

I have also explored all the grocery stores that offers to pack your foods, you just collect them and never have to cruise the ailes. Thinking through that made me realise that I really abandoned planning and have gotten the habit to get short of foods like milk, so I will have to buy them the same day... I am slowly working towards a better plan using my experience from working in a family many years ago. They had a system of having an unopened box of for example cereals, coffee,, flour etc – when you opened the unopened you wrote the item on the shopping list.. I haven´t gotten around to the online shopping yet, but I have decided to shop twice a week and to do it early in the day. That´s the time when my energy (=willpower) is at its best. This also means that I have started to use a cooler when shopping because sometimes the foods has to stay in the car for a while before I drive home.

OMAD is so interesting because it means that shopping snacks or foods for small meals is no longer on my agenda. As I m home a lot and as I don´t have anything very stimulating or mindoccupying to think about for the moment, and as I don´t really have the energy to take care of my home or my garden – I do think of food and eating a lot and I do have the craziest cravings many times a day. But the idea of only eating one time during a day sticks – and makes all those cravings a lot easier to handle than before when I always had the option to plan en extra meal or some snacks outside my plan. My food plan is still not the best, too few vegetables, the servings are too big (well, the PLAN is okay but the effectuation does not work...) – but the priciple eating only one tme a day seems to work.

I´ve been travelling to Stockholm and used my new rule "no eatings while travelling" I went for a day, left in the morning and came back in the evening and the day was spent on a finance event with a lot of people and noice – I was really tired at the end of the day and when I went to the train station to catch my train home, I was also very hungry and had to wait an hour for the train. On a train station filled with fast food shops of all kinds... ewww that was hard! I bought two bottles of mineral water and went to my platform, there was a stair leading up to it and my feet was really aching. So once safe on the platform I knew I didn´t have the energy to walk back to those fast food heavens...

After picking up the literature for A.R.T.S.Anonymous, I have also started to ude the tool "five-alice" that is to use at least five minutes every day to do csomething creative. So I have picked up writing that novel I started a while ago, it´s easy when you know you only have to do five minutes.

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    I had never thought of that application for a fridge locker! I've heard of people using them in shared refrigerators at work to protect their own foods. I'm glad it's working for you now.

    (yes, in American English "heavyweights" has the same double-meaning).
    800 days ago
    Been missing you! Glad you are succeeding! Good luck with your new team!
    805 days ago
    Way to go on the OMAD, and all of the creative solutions you're finding to support you in sticking to your plan! You are building 'lifestyle' one small step at a time. Great name for your team, and the word 'heavyweights' can be applied int he same way in English.
    805 days ago
  • WHITE-2
    Thank you for sharing. I'm very interesting in hearing how the OMAD works for you.

    Wow day 61 already.

    That is an interesting device, the fridge locker! I know that my Kitchen Safe has often helped me to avoid binges / overeatiing on trigger foods. I only use it now and then these days because with the elimination diet I don't keep a lot of tempting food in the house. (So glad my husband agrees with this!).

    Great that you started up such a succesful team!
    806 days ago
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