New week coming, I am looking forward.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I have had a lazy kind of week. A few blips on the
screen, but am past it now. Didn't do as well as I
hoped, but I made a fairly good run at it.

I have decided to stir up my food a little. With not
wearing my new teeth, my foods are fairly limited,
so I don't get a lot of freggies. I am limiting carbs,
but I think it will be worth the change. My plan is
for breakfast, eat a Belvita Breakfast biscuit. It is
soft baked so easy to eat. It has 4 grams of fiber.

I found a smoothie recipe on SP for a Banana
strawberry smoothie that uses yogurt. I used
a greek lo-fat vanilla yogurt (9 g carbs), 6 large
frozen strawberries, and 1 small banana, (6in) and
1/2 c Simply Orange. The calories are around 220
and it is thick and yummy. I think it will be a good
addition to my program. I will try to keep the other
two meals lo-carb and some of the snacks.

I picked up a new stability, anti-burst ball. The old
one is getting so it doesn't feel right and it scares
me a little with how it gives.

Our challenge finishes tonight. My goal will be not
to gain any weight back from the 10 pounds I lost
this time. It starts again on Jun 3

Goals for this week:
1. Set bedtime and wake-up time for this week 12pm-10am
This is going really well. sometimes I have to push
myself to go to bed on time, but it is easier now to
be consistent. I am going to stick to hours and times

2. Continue to drink 64oz water daily
This is also going very well. I plan to stick to this.

3. Go to bed on time .. see #1
4. Get up on time. ... see #1
5. Maintain my weight 228, but don't stress over it. (down 10 pounds)

My SP challenges:
Daily Goal feats 10+ for 6 days ... going to do another challenge this week ... done
SparkCoach: Daily Consistency and Motivation: ... done

New calendar challenges for May:
30 day Small Changes Challenge ...
Spark People Limited Mobility Challenge ...

Spark Teams to concentrate on:
60+ w/ 100-200 lb. to lose:
Diabetes teams and challenges

So, new goals for next week:
1 Continue sleep hours .. 12am-10am
2. Continue to drink 64 oz water
3. Do ST 3 exercises 3x wk.
4. Do recumbent bike 5 min 2x wk.
5. Maintain 10 lb loss
6. Smoothie and Belvita bar for breakfast
7. Lo-carb 2 meals, 2-3 snack

I am looking forward to the next 12 week challenge.
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