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May be a repeat blog but....should be said!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Daily Spark had a great video about a mom who had "the perfect body" but it didn't make her feel better. Did you see it? And then an article about bathing suits. I have done some work with body image--I have made a body mask of myself--post baby # 3 and my MIL asked if it was done while I was pregnant (it was about 2 years later--so NO).

I want my girls to see that the perfect body IS THE ONE WE HAVE! It can do so many things--most of them we don't even have to think about. It is the ONLY ONE WE GET!! So we should take care of it so IT can take care of us. It IS BEAUTIFUL--ask any parent or child or lover.

Do I have fat rolls? YES Do I have fat thighs? YES Do I have gray hair? YES (and I won't color it--I EARNED every one.) Do I have a baby belly yet? YES--and 3 beautiful and healthy daughters that I carried and then nursed for a total of YEARS, not months. Am I completely happy with the external look of my body?? No--but it is still beautiful.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we hold up such a warped picture of "beautiful bodies"? What are we doing to little girls and tweens and teens? To young mothers? To beautiful adult women who are ashamed to go our in a bathing suit? To older women who have lived a full live and are ashamed of their wrinkles and sparse hair?

Come on!! Let's see the beauty within! Let's see the life stories in the lined faces. Let's see the body that gave life and needs a little time to recover. Let's see the innocence of a child and not anything that is "sexy". Let's encourage each other to see beauty--to recognize it IN THE MIRROR and not on TV or in print ads. Let's see REAL beauty--not something photo-shopped.

Not sure where this came from--but it wanted to get OUT!! Let's let REAL beauty shine!! Do I hear an AMEN??

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