LoL first week challenge completed !

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Feeling a little saner today !
Not much accomplished the last 3 days.
Long story and not very interesting.

Did finally get my new CPAP and the oxygen
concentrator on Wed.. Love the app that comes
with the CPAP and I am already seeing changes
in how I feel with the oxygen increase.

New challenges in 60+ team begin tomorrow.
Need to read it and get it set-up.

Challenge goals and how-to:

Specific: My goal is to lose 25-30 pounds during the 12 week challenge.
This would take 2-2.5 pounds per week.
I stated a divided goal so I won't stress as much.

Measureable: Scale, measurements, exercise, tracking

Attainable: I feel it is attainable/reasonable.

Relevant: I believe it is relevant because of my health conditions,
and it is my doctor's goal for me. He said he would be happy if I
got under 200. That is my first major goal.

Time bound: My goal is to lose this amount in 12 weeks.

My plans on how to reach this goal:
1. Take my measurements (done Jun 2.) once per month
2. Weigh-in on Sunday and Wed upon awakening weekly
3. Calorie Range 1200-1550
4. Exercise M-F each week
5. Walk to a Leslie Sansone 1 mi. and 5 min body toning dvd MWF
6. Yoga 15 min am M-F
7. Possibly Sweating to the Oldies, 2x wk. Tu & Th or recumbent
8. ST MWF 10 @ Ball crunches wall pushups, lying hamstring curl
Tu & Th 10 @ Shoulder raises, bicep curl, barbell side slide
9. Drink 48-64 oz water per day
10. Smoothie and Belvita biscuit breakfast for freggies and fiber
11. Less than 100 net carbs daily
12 Green tea and lemon in the morning for liver cleansing
13. Take my daily meds
14. Sleep hours 12am-10am daily
15. Work SparkCoach, 2 calendar challenges, 1 Spark challenge daily
16. Walk to end of block and back daily, try to increase distance weekly
17. Practice breathing exercises daily for stress relief
18. Monitor blood sugar and insulin
19. Blog at least 2 x weekly
20. Review and re-commit goals daily
21. Do rebounder for 1 min. per day at least 1 week
22. Make as many Sparkpoints that I can daily

Re-evaluate process weekly to fine tune
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