DIY Niacinamide Spray for Crepey Skln

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

HI my lovely Sparkers!
Today's share is a DIY Niacinamide Spray I make and use, that has been helpful in reducing the dun dun dun...dread Crepe Skin of Menopause.

Niacinamide is the active form of Niacin.
They are both considered to be B3, a water soluble vitamin.
But why put it directly on your skin... and why is it in so many anti-aging skin creams?

Bc Niacinamide helps to disable elastinase, the enzyme that breaks down elastin, one of the supporting structures of our skin.

And you thought it was only collagen we had to fret over!

Apparently you can be getting a full RDA or more of Niacin (Niacinamide's inactive sister), and still have the dread CSM.
Lucky us.
Menopause would be so much fun, if not for CSM, but alas.

This is a cost effective way of getting your Niacinamide where you need it, and still be able to use your favorite oil or lotion without the price tag of an expensive cream... and any less than desirable chemicals it contains, like preservatives.

Want to try it?
Here's what you need,

You can shop for the pure powdered Niacinamide on Amazon, or get it at Bulk Supplements.

BOTTOM LINE: You need the bulk powder, NOT capsules, bc anything in capsule or tablet form has been mixed with excipients, fillers and bulking powders that you don't want, that will grow bacteria that will clog your spray nozzle. Stuff like rice bran, magnesium stearate, etc.

What you do need:
4 oz (approx half a cup) dark glass spray bottle... got this at Sprouts. Also available on eBay
1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon
Niacinamide... buy this online. Brick and mortar stores don't carry it
Glycerin... available in the pharmacy section of any large grocers or in any drug store
Distilled water... not tap water, not mineral water. $.88 at Walmart for a gallon.

Its not pictured, but I do like to mix my spray in a Pyrex glass measuring cup... the same one with the red printing on glass your momma used to make cakes and pies. Just so I can look thru the finished product and make sure everything is dissolved, not worry about spilling anything trying to get powders in thru the tiny neck of the spray bolttle.

Make sure your mixing cup is super clean, I like to wash it out with hot soapy water before use. THEN...
POUR in the half cup of distilled water
ADD the quarter teaspoon of Niacinamide, use the measuring 1/4 teaspoon spoon to mix.
ADD the Glycerin, mix.
POUR into the spray bottle.
Store in refrigerator, since this mix has no preservatives. Also nice in summer to have a cool spray on your face and arms.

I use this all over my body after a shower, rub it in until my skin is dry, then put on my lotion.

Also good after you've done dry brushing your skin.
What's that?
Check the next post.

Be well, choose health

: )
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