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Doctor Appointment on Wednesday

Friday, June 22, 2018

I saw an orthopedic doctor on Wednesday for my feet, especially my left foot. I have 2 choices for relief. Surgery or Live with it. I have large bunions, which makes it harder and harder to find shoes that fit. Then bunions causes Hammer Toe. The left foot has a hammer toe that hurts most of the time. I can still do things that I want to do. I can walk with little or no limp. Same with my right knee. So I'm choosing surgery. My husband wants me to do the other foot too, which will be 6 weeks later. I'll be wearing a boot all or part of those 6 weeks, but should have mobility. My right foot also has a bunion and I can see the very beginnings of hammer toe. So I see the wisdom of getting them both done.

The down side of no surgery is pain in the toes and having a harder and harder ability to find shoes that fit over the bunion. So far I have learned little tricks to make the tight shoes to fit by skipping a hole on the lacing and tying a know above the toe area so that its loser in the toe area and keeps looser. I've also had shoe stores stretch out the toe area. It works, but also weakens the shoe in that area. You can only stretch them so much.

With surgery, I would loose some flexibility of the big toe. They've made a lot of advances with surgery on the feet. I do look forward to having an easier time finding shoes. During the healing time, I can go to a gym and do some no weight baring machines, but I'm not sure how soon after surgery. . We do have a tribally own gym that is really low cost, like $15 a month. Then I get a senior citizen discount.

Thinking of when I walk and when I can't, I'll probably have surgery in December on one foot then on the other foot in January.
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