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Juice Feasting is HEALING ME!

Monday, July 09, 2018

Many people thing juicing is too extreme. I find it healing. Every cell in my body is being flooded with the nutrients it needs to heal. I am able to get the maximum amount of nutrition and protein I need in every jar of juice. By using my nutritional tracker on cronometer, I am able to play around with ingredient so I can create nutrient dense juices. Mine exceed the RDA in nutrients. I believe that exceeding the RDA is allowing my body to make the repairs it needs.

I started juice feasting in January. 60 days of feasting on 3-4 quarts of juice a day plus water is making my body heal. I wanted to increase the effects so I started growing wheatgrass. When I added it in the changes were incredible. All of a sudden I could read and focus easily. Medical journals were easy to understand. It really is life-changing.

From reading vintage books on juicing, I realized that it would take longer than a month for my body to repair itself. I kept on juicing but adding in a giant salad for dinner. My health kept improving. This is my year of juicing. It is my year of healing. It takes consistency to make progress. If your not consistent, things won't improve. It is hard, but you have to decide that your worth it. Pick your hard - being sick and feeling like death - or feeling like you can run.

I decided I wanted to live more than anything in the world. I was tired of feeling like crap every single day. Tired of feeling tired, so tired that I didn't have the energy to clean the house or go for a walk with Apollo. I had to force myself to get up and do the work. Hubby wasn't going to do it for me. Nobody was here to rescue me. I had to become my own hero. I had to decide that I wanted to live and heal. I made it happen.

Now I am well enough to start writing my story. xo
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