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Early Morning of July 11th, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My internet service is experiencing an outage in my area I'm thinking it must be a big area as the lady said service should be restored by 5pm today. They are hoping to get more technician's to the area between 4am-5am. Service went down at 1:40 am and it is now 2:45am here.

I had a busy day yesterday running errands and warm chatting for my business. I'm looking to get at least 8 sharp women to join my team this month, well that is the same for every month from now on. No luck on that front yesterday. July 1st kicked off the new Mary Kay year and I am aiming to get farther than I did last year.

I signed up for a webinar called Blueprint to Planning, I can't remember the exact name of the webinar but that is what it was about getting a handle on life planning. It fits what I need to do. I have a telephone session set for July 16th, and depending on how well I do on the phone call it goes through a process of whether or not you are accepted to continue on in the program and I sure hope I am!

My Dr. sent me an email in regards to my spine she has referred me to the Spinal Clinic to have a Spine Specialist from the Neurology department. First I am wondering why if it is arthritis in areas in my spine and a lesion in the cervical section, why do I need to see a Spine Neurologist? Second she spoke with a MRI Radiologist and he feels the lesion is benign, but they want to keep a close eye on it and have a repeat MRI in 6 months. I had to laugh as this is definitely not keeping a close eye on this! Lymphoma spreads rapidly, I know because I had Lymphoma before. I wrote her back and wait for her reply in the morning.

My mom and I were able to get all of the paint off of the flooring of their house. It sure was a grueling job especially on a 100 degree day with no air conditioning! I seem to have a permanent hot flash. Ever since I hit menopause I have been very hot all of the time. The cold winter months are heaven on Earth for me.

I did some yoga a couple of hours ago in the hopes it would relax me so I could go to sleep, it didn't work, LOL. Oh well, tomorrow is fully concentrating on housework after I finish my morning routines.
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