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Crazy Thursday!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

From reading others posts it must have been in the air today..just busy beyond reason!

Lots of stuff to get done outside before the heat..and that means up early! By 10 it is almost too hot to be outside. Fence fixed in a couple of places and puppy yard raked up. Doesn't sound like much..but took some time to get it done..that is the magick word..DONE..ahh come on..it is never done..just finished for today!

While watering today ,,that is fill water tanks and such..I noticed a chicken that just did not seem right. That poor gal was all squatted down and panting. I do not know if she appreciated it but I dampened her with the hose. I did notice a bit later she was up and moving around..so maybe that lil shower helped! Then I saw one that I did not remember being in with the main flock..sure nuff one of the young hens had flown over their coop and was out there running with the big guys! Well I figure if they are big enough to fly out..they are big enough to let out. So they dashed out thru the open gate..then spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to get back into the very area they had gotten out of. No one ever is gonna claim Chickens are smart!! Big open gate..run right past it in a panic to get to???
They did find their way in at bedtime..so all are tucked in and safe.

Diablo and Yacky, my ducks , used to be in that area..so since it was open they took that to be an invite to return HOME. However at bedtime they were all upset cause they bed down in the goose pen. Never a dull moment!

Miss Molly is growing so fast ..but she still gets me up at 4:30 to do an outside run! The neat thing is ..we can all go back to sleep for another couple of hours once that business is taken care of...Hurrah! But she is not a tiny lil fuzzy puppy anymore..sob!! She is learning from the other dogs, can sit and stay and come.. Down is a problem ..puppy excitement takes over! Plus her middle name has got to be "leave the cat alone"..she just cannot contain herself when the cat dashes by. It is just too much fun to chase! We will continue working on that.
No, the cat swatting her did not work, has happened many times...all that happens is that silly Labrador grin and away she goes!!

That about catches up with Life on Stonebound Acres. Very different without the big guy..but I am sure he is sitting somewhere laughing at me when I get sentimental about him. He always did..not exactly a Romeo ..just one heck of a feller!

Nite ya'al...sleep well and may your tomorrow be a good one!

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