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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Today is a storm day, so I had time to work on my Fitness Bullet Journal.

Warning: Something barely passable as "art" ahead. Proceed with a fair amount of remembering the "A for effort" concept, and be kind!

I added a page for my "Zombies, Run!" app.

I'm not a natural runner, and I don't tend to run unless I am motivated by something, such as running from a rainstorm, or a tiger. The "Zombies, Run!" app is doing a good job of simulating the latter! Yesterday I went for a walk, and I successfully moved faster than I would normally when I got an alert there were zombies incoming. One of the alerts occurred when I was going up a rather steep hill. When I got the alert, I looked at the hill with dread and thought, "Seriously??" This is a hill that I wouldn't voluntarily run up, but since I was being 'chased' by Zombies, I had to get up there. My heart was pounding, but I successfully 'evaded' them. I was actually pretty proud that I did it!

I have shunned jogging and running in the past due to high impact. However, I read something recently that changed my mind. A reasonable amount of medium to high impact exercises helps to retain bone mass. As I have officially entered middle age, this is something I need to be aware of. Resistance training and a little bit of jogging will help retain bone mass as I age. I'm never going to be a marathoner, but a wee bit of jogging might be a good thing. I'm actually starting to enjoy myself on my jogs. It is nice that you can jog almost anywhere, and all you need is a pair of shoes. I love riding my bike, but it does require hauling and setting up my gear.

The next page I added is my HIIT workouts for the gym. On days when the weather is inclement, I need to head for the gym. These will also serve me in the winter when I can't ride my bike outside anymore. My gym log is a little sparse right now because I'm exercising outdoors.

Finally, I added a habit tracker and a strength training tracker.

Strength training has traditionally been my weakest fitness point. I'm just not good at following a program. Hence, my strength training tracker is only tracking how *consistently* I perform these activities. I'm not tracking weight or reps right now. I purely want to get into the habit of doing it. Once it feels normal for me to be doing this, then I'll work on gains.

I also added miscellaneous pages like "Rules for Eating Out", "Chores" and "To-Dos". My in-laws are coming to visit in August, so I have to be prepared for restaurant meals, and getting the house straightened up before they get here!

I'm feeling pumped! The nice thing about this process is I feel like I'm planning and organizing like a pro scheduler. I feel like I'm on top of my game!
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    I love it - especially the Zombie's chasing you. I wonder how Daisy would feel if I took off running from the zombies. I did try for a short while to incorporate a bit of jogging into our walks but I am a long way away from middle age and have already done all that damage to my knees. But with a new knee I actually could job a bit now and then. Oh, and I can attest that the weight bearing exercises do have an impact on bone health. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia - not enough for medication but enough to give me a scare. My next scan 5 years later my bone health was better and the last one I did - a couple years after getting back onto a true exercise program - the osteopenia has pretty much reversed itself. I am convinced it is the walking, the stationary bike, and yes, even the strength exercises.

    OH, my personal trainer put together a spreadsheet for me of all the pieces of equipment she had put me on and what part of my body they were good for (I should know that but have never really thought much about how my body worked). I love it. I recreated it so I could print out new ones when I need. I record the date and the weight I set the machine at. And now I have someone to compete with - ME!

    867 days ago
    Thank you for sharing
    868 days ago
    You have given me some great ideas to implement to reach my goals of becoming more fit and losing some weight. Thanks.
    868 days ago
    emoticon Thanks for sharing your bullet journal.
    868 days ago
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