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Tuesday July 17th

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

today I made like....
Managed to get the vanity and mirror trim primed..then went on to the bedroom. I got 3 walls done,,well primed that is. I know there is wonderful paint out there that does not need priming..but I am using what I had on hand. So prime I must! Once the big wall is done and I can move the dresser back I will be able to do wall 4. Covering some wall paper I never cared for so it will be so worth it once done!

I managed to visit Amazon Prime Days once today..I ordered a nice rug for the Sun Room. The old ones are past reviving and were really a "that will do" type choice anyhow. I got a great price on a rug that should brighten up the room. Actually not my first choice..so maybe it will be a great one!!

My lil hens are insisting on returning to their old house. the ducks do not like sharing and have moved back to the goose pen. If anyone thinks birds or animals do not think and have emotions they need to hang around here for a bit. Not only do they have all of the above..they also have likes and dislikes , make choices (not always wise ones), and are constantly thinking of how they can trip up my day to make it MORE interesting!

Oh dear in looking for that picture I also tripped over pictures from the past few years. Honest to see this yard now you would never think there was ever a blooming living thing here. The grasshoppers and heat have devestated everything..but at one time....

things were green and lush...

Anyone that denies "global climate change", as they like to call it now! They must be blind..our climate has gotten so hot and dry. Yes the earth does this...we seek normal and the only normal nature knows is change. But we dig in and insist..It was never like this before!!
Other areas flooding and washing away ..worldwide not just our lil local area! Mother Earth is not happy with us, that much I know for sure!

ahh enough of that..I do tend to get philisophical when tired..and I are tired!!

Nite ya'al...rest well and waken refreshed!
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