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Too late?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

This is in response to @THETUBBYBADGER & others who may feel like it is too late for them.   Too late? Not as long as you are still living, breathing & moving!  Would sooner be better than later? Sure.  But don't let that stop you from starting now.  I'm almost 60, have been morbidly obese for about 40 years, struggled with high blood pressure, diabetes & family history of heart attacks.  I dieted and deprived myself into being fat, immobile, homebound, depressed and sick.  Then a few years ago I decided to stop dieting, stop depriving & punishing and start LIVING instead of just surviving. Since then I have lost 130 pounds, blood sugars are mostly stable, blood pressure normal and I enjoy life much more!  I still have much more to do, but I'm doing it one step at a time.  You can too! How?  It is a longer story, but the first step was to CHOOSE LIFE daily...multiple times...over & over...consistently.    Are you willing to make a conscious choice to CHOOSE LIFE for yourself? The second step was to make a decision that I am a priority in my life.  I deserved love and attention as much as anyone else, and I deserved it from myself most of all.  Are you willing to love and respect yourself enough to be a priority? Then I decided to start eating like I was at my goal weight. 2000 calories would be appropriate, so that is where I started. I discovered that my body did better with lower carb.  I didn't eliminate them totally but the first few weeks I limited myself to about 30 net carbs ( carbs minus fiber) and noticed  that a lot of cravings diminished.  I also started building up my water intake.  Slow start is much better than no start.  Notice I didn't mention exercise  at all yet.  I considered it a bad word that led to pain, shame, guilt & torment.  And my body couldn't handle it.  So I didn't do it.  I started with attitude, food & water.  So can you.  Then gradually I started feeling better about myself & my choices.  I started paying attention to the movement that I did have in my life already.  I had to go to the kitchen & bathroom occasionally. That meant walking in there with crutches.  I chose to do it more often to eat small, frequent feedings to keep my blood sugar stable & fill my water bottle (32 oz).  Water in means water out is also necessary so I used the crutches again to go to the bathroom. I understand the fear of exercise  at this point, but you can build in more motions of life.  Stretch while sitting in a chair or lying in bed.  Move arms & legs while watching tv.  Small things add up.  You can do this because you start where you are & do what you can.  Breathe, hydrate, eat, sleep & choose to LIVE WELL. 
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