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Thursday, August 09, 2018

I have been sick. With what? Not sure just yet, but hoping to get some answers soon.
Three times in the last few weeks, always at bedtime. I start chilling, shaking from shivering, temp goes up to about 102 ish. but always drops back down in a few hours.
Then I just ache all over, similar to body flu.
This always starts out with GERD. acid reflux or heartburn. I have a hiatel hernia, So, the pain I feel in my chest and back and under my ribs I always assume is gas pain, or reflux.
But never in the years I have had GERD, have I ever had chills, fever, body aches. Inability to sleep.
The day after these episodes, I feel tired, and dont really feel like doing much at all.
I hurt in my lower back. and cough a dry hacking cough the first few hours I am awake.

So, after the night before, I called my doctor yesterday and she ordered a chest x ray, lab work and a urine culture.
I will be going tomorrow to get these done and hopefully find out what is causing this, at least the chest x ray might show if I have congestion causing the coughing.
Not sure what is going on, but well wishers have offered up every thing from keto flu, to hot flashes.
Well, I have never talked to any woman who has had hot flashes who also had chest pain and back pain and coughing.
As for keto, well I havent been really following that diet that closely.
I have been eating low carbs, but not THAT low.
But I need to increase my activity level and get back to walking.
I am also going to start adding 20 to 30 minutes on the DREAD mill in the evenings after dinner, to help aid in my digestion so that maybe I dont end the night with GERD attack.
I eat early to prevent this but sometimes no matter how early I eat I still end up with night attacks.
Old age....?? lol, well, I will be 51 in just over a month. I dont feel bad about that.
Other than the heartburn, back pain and lack of sleep, I feel pretty good for my age
that is a joke, sarcasm.
Everyone have a good day.
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