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September 4th

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Must be the best picture of me that I have!! I sat here today , looked up at the calendar and realized I have not turned the page yet. According to the picture above my head I am still in August!!
Reviewing pics of Molly ..somewhere my mind got twisted into thinking she is a bit older than she is..whoops..nope. Still a puppy..big puppy but yep puppy at only 5 1/2 months old! YIKES!
I adopted a giant dog!! Molly loves to crawl up in my lap to cuddle. She will ooze up into the chair..nozzle into my neck then flop over for me to rub her tummy. It is so cute to watch her eyes just float closed and this look of content on her face. If she was a cat she would be purring!
Of course there is NO room for the other small pups when she does this, so I get dirty looks from Pooski and Daisy..Chuee being the brat he is just barks his stupid head off. Well not really ..it is still attached!
Ran into town today to get feed. I thought of so much stuff to do..and places to stop but all I wanted to do is get feed and head home! Supposed to get storms this afternoon,,turns out they just went past us..we got wind blowing and clouds rolling over but not a drop of moisture.
Gene was looking at the radar on his phone. He was so funny..he said..the storm rolls down along the edge of the mountains, goes over Colorado Springs, the heads this way. Hits the edge of town...pulls back ..goes OH this is Pueblo!! and just dissipates immediately!
Honestly that is kinda how the radar looked! WOW..not fair!
Tomorrow is grocery day..so will be off early and hopefully home before noon. More storms ordered ..here's hoping they arrive!!
Wish ya'al were closer would sure like to pass out some farm fresh eggs. My best customer..well she worked at a garage and there were like 3 of them that would get eggs every week. Now she's moved on to another job..plus her sister got chickens so everyone is getting eggs from her. I understand it but sure left me high and dry. There are so many people keeping chickens anymore that it is hard to believe. In town they cannot have roosters..folks find the noise bothersome. Sure live in the middle of horn honking,,sirens sounding, cars whizzing by , and all the other city noises , but the soiund of a rooster crowing "bothers " you??? Ok ..I do not get it!!

Geeze my eyes are crossing and page getting blurry...bedtime?? YEP!
Nite ya'al….

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