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September 6th

Thursday, September 06, 2018

I love Molly..I mean I really love Molly, the silly , hardheaded, clumsy pup..but OH I will be glad when she grows up enough to sleep a few more hours! She is like a preset alarm clock..4:30..time to go out! Well it has been a bit better..some days she actually sleeps till 5 or a lil after!
Often once I let them out ..we all settle down in the front room, lights out and doze for another hour.At that time I am usually awakened with a toy in my face , beady lil brown eyes dancing with an invite to play! Then there is that weapon that she has for a tail, a cat of 9 tails could not do much more damage! When she runs past ..tail in high gear of excitement..OUCH! Plus she is so unaware of her size she just plows thru the other pups and that sets up a chorus of growls and yelps! Oh what fun!! Just like with your kids..one day she will be a grown, calmer adult dog and these days of Puppyville will be a memory. Then of course I will miss them!
Her absolute delight at chasing a rag toy thrown across the yard makes me laugh. Her sneaky way of oozing into my lap..yes she does! just makes me hug her to help her on up into the chair. She then turns over while I rub her tummy and dozes off in complete contentment with a sense of total safety and security.
Molly still loves to harass the cats. She gets such absolute delight out of chasing those fluffy tails..you can almost see her laughing. However Mama Kitty has put an end to that as far as she is concerned. She stood her ground,,gave a couple of warning noises then swiped Molly's nose for her..not once but twice. Now Molly will lay there and watch Mama Kitty walk by, if only CR would do the same thing, perhaps Molly would learn ..cats are not chew toys!
Yes I get on her about it..but it is one of her steel helmet for a brain issues..it just doesn't penetrate to the brain!
I was told and expected that a Lab would be slow to mature..I mistakenly did not think about the fact that the body was going to out pace the brain! Big, clumsy, clod hopper...yep all those phrases fit..along with cute, cuddly, sweet and loving. Just a big ole black package of love!
With the rains we have had all day..it has been as you might have guessed , a Molly kind of day!

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