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September 7th

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Learning to cook for one and eat alone.
Since Jim passed I at first had invites to meals here and there..but no one is gonna take me to raise. So eventually they all kinda faded away. Then I began to really either not eat or not eat right. My Son and DIL like quick easy micro stuff. Tastes a lot like cardboard with gravy on it!
To me at least. but in their way of being thoughtful they shared up some sandwiches and other items that you pop in micro and zap..you are eating ….something!
Then ...some how..chips snuck in the door..yep dern it .must have forgotten to be careful. The diet of frozen micro zapped sandwiches and chips..was starting to get to me. I was thinking ..why am I eating this "stuff"!! Then it dawned on me...tis easy..quick and can do it with no thought involved at all. So to be healthy I switched over to PBJ's and grilled cheese!
More easy quick requiring no thought food!
I have made some good meals..but it is stuff I make in volume..chicken with noodles...chili , soups and cabbage rolls. Then the other day I wanted chocolate so bad..I made a cake..kept me a piece of it..and gave the rest away. I gotta realize I cannot feed the neighborhood in order to make me a meal now and then..heee hee
I did freeze some of the REAL food I made..so there is real food to eat. If only I felt like eating. I feed half my sandwich and chips to the dogs. Just another adjustment period in this journey of life, but not one I really am dealing with very well. I chopped up a big ole salad..I do love salad..When will I feel like eating again. Don't know..first time I been down this road.
But I do know I got to start eating healthy...maybe tomorrow..
Ahh come on it is after 10 and I am going to bed soon..so tomorrow will do.
Ok..vent over..hoping this stage of adjustment passes soon..I do not like it .
Mean time...got happy puppies and many other things to smile about.
I think of the saying..there are those that Eat To Live and those that Live To Eat..which are you?..
Tomorrow I make cabbage rolls..mm mmm good!
Nite ya'al..thanks for taking time to review my lil piece of life !
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  • JIBBIE49
    I don't think most young people today know anything about cooking or saving money.
    452 days ago
    I did the micro crap for years and there's a reason I got so heavy with high bp!!! YO!! The sodium is si ply scary!!

    It's not at all easy adjusting to cooking for 1 its just me eating it and no one saying how good it is, or quickly running to the bathroom!! Nonetheless, I do it because I don't want to be sick again. It did become easier as time went by. After all now I cook what I WANT!! I don't have to consider what S wants, or the other kids!! I also don't eat out hardly ever because I they aren't around wanting to. But, yeah I miss the noise, the laughter, but I don't miss anyone being moody.

    But, I force myself to do it anyways. That's the eat to live. But I also still LOVE my whoopie pies!! When eating them ahhhhh I'm living to eat.
    452 days ago
    Day by day, sweet lady Katie. I am so goofy-- you mentioned then next thing you know, CHIPS snuck in. Since you often talk about critters, at first I thought you meant chipmunks! emoticon emoticon Sweet dreams.
    452 days ago
    452 days ago
    Cabbage rolls sound wonderful, Katie! I'm not sure if this is a tip I would take or not but here goes.....when I used to eat in front of a tv show I enjoyed a meal disappeared without me even realizing it! Maybe just a healthy nosh when you sit down to relax might help keep you in a healthy calorie range. LOL Now don't blow it off, it might help....also watch some dumb funny stuff...laughter is the best medicine I've heard.

    How about quickly nuking just a cup of the healthy soups you make? If the day is chilly you may find you want a second cup. A small plate of veggies and dip; a chunk of cheese and a piece of fruit. Those would all be good snacks. You may become a grazer now for awhile instead of 3 sit down meals. Keep eating your eggs - gotta keep the protein levels up - how about keeping some hard boiled in the refrigerator-quick for a snack or egg salad on crackers.

    I hate that you are having to find your new normal, OMG...I can't imagine! Prayers my friend.
    453 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    453 days ago
    🙋‍♀️Cooking for one person is hard to do. I am a eat to live person I don’t grave food and I can go all day and then it hits me that I better eat something. I have to plan my meals so my brain gets the message . 🤣 😴 ☕️
    453 days ago
  • QBERT75
    I’ve been on a salad kick myself lately. Chef Salad in particular. 😊 Cabbage rolls sound divine.
    453 days ago
    Cooking for one is hard, good job on moving away from the microwave stuff. Cabbage rolls, mmmm!!!!
    453 days ago
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