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September 12th

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Today was just upside down and backwards..mostly due to lack of sleep.
Restless last nite and twas 2AM before I dozed off. Then my 4 legged alarm clock announced at 5 AM that she needed out NOW! A Labrador barking in your ear nearly next to you in bed is guaranteed to awaken you..perhaps not in the best mood, but you will be up!
Once that issue was taken care of ..we all slept another hour or so..but restless seemed to be in control of my mind and would not let my body rest! Up to do chores, fixed a nice breakfast then sat down and crashed !
Woke to my phone ringing ..new phone different sound..basically startled me awake with me wondering what is that! Turned out it was an old friend I haven't talked to in over a year. We chatted for much longer than I usually stay on the phone , catching up and making plans to get together for a REAL visit. I am one of those folks..if you are close enough that is..instead of spending hours on the phone..come on over..get a cuppa and we can sit out by the pond to visit .
Then did my afternoon walk to check the birds, water and such. gather eggs..the girls are working well..sure earning their keep! Then again the phone.
This time my neighbor that travels a lot. They are in and she wanted to come over for a visit.
Sure! She usually stays a half hour at most. Today..we sat by the pond to catch up and had a great visit ..for nearly 2 hours! I was so amazed at her staying that long...I did not even watch the time. Oh were my pups unhappy with me!
I was about 2 hours late feeding them. Even Mama Kitty was letting me know what a serious error in judgement it was ! But all fed and content now. takes so little to keep animals happy!
This PM out there throwing Molly's toy for her..get some of that puppy energy used up!!
Here came Skinner, guess he was needing attention too. Braying and walking along side of the fence. Big ole ears up and those big brown eyes looking right at me! So spent some time giving him a good massage and rub down. As I left to go close up chicken house I noticed that Skinner and Molly were rubbing noses. I stopped to watch more carefully and saw Molly licking and cleaning Skinners face. Ole Skinner was standing there with his head down so Molly could reach it ..beyond cute!!
So a very pleasant day..enjoyed company and relaxed. Even Miss Molly got worn out with all the fun stuff this PM. She is at this moment crashed out on my bed..hmmmm NO..that is not gonna be how it goes. She has a lovely soft bed to go to and will shortly!
Time to let everyone out for their evening constitutional..then time to makea some zzz's.
Nite ya'al…

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