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September 13th

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Just a quiet day here on Stonebound Acres. Went about getting more stuff sorted and put in either store it or sent it type boxes. Slowly making progress.
The kids not coming kinda gives me time to go thru stuff a bit at a time. I am thinking I do better as a pressure person, seems when I HAVE to do it I get at it and get done. But now it is ..
Ahh tomorrow I will do that..I do manage to find other stuff to do..
I sometimes catch Dr Oz and the past few days have just had to laugh..the food people that keep telling us what to eat and what not to eat are now saying that bread is ok..butter in moderation. Red meat might not be as bad for us as we thought and exercise is the answer to it all. Gads!! How many millions of dollars were spent to figure that out!
I used to jump on almost every fad diet train that rolled thru town..but found with all of them that first I couldn't hang in there..and second as soon as you quit eating that restricted type of diet ..those pounds found you. You didn't lose them ..they were just hiding!
So the ole thing of CI/CO still seems to be working..if you eat more than you move..duh!!
you are what you eat!!

Tonite I made a run for a short errand...decided to give Miss Molly a test run on her own. Came home to a box of Kleenex destroyed..she loves Kleenex for some reason. And a skein of yarn unraveled all over the floor..must have been having a ball with that! Considering what she could have done..not bad! Still a puppy...but I have had pups do a lot more damage than that when I was home! She knew...she tucked tail and ran for the front door the minute I used my Mum voice on her! Molly what have you done! 5 minutes later all was forgotten !

Now back to doing the much dreaded bookwork. ...then a nights rest. Tomorrow ...clean the chicken house before it gets hot!
I can't believe one friend is talking snow..many others are facing that huge storm and here the Fall temps have turned to Summer Heat. Even with Indian Summers it did not used to get this hot..why did they not believe it when so many tried to get the message thru.
Now it is called Climate Change...come on...Global Warming is real. It might be a natural cycle of this plant we call home..but yep it is happening. Kind of an adventure to watch and kinda scary.

Ah ha...I think I am stalling ..not getting bookwork done thas for sure!

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