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9/15/18 You

Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!" Dr Seuss

"Here's the awkward part of the date….Do I shake her paw or sniff her goodnight?"

It was breakfast time at the Smiths’ house. Linda turned to her husband Frank with an irritated look and said: “I bet you don’t remember what today is!”

“Of course I remember!” declared Frank, and hastily left for work.

When he reached his office, he immediately went to his best friend’s office and shouted: “Mark, you have to help me – I think it’s my wife’s birthday today and I completely forgot about it!”

Mark calmed him down and opined that he should send his wife several gifts throughout the day. “That way there is no way she’ll realize you just remembered. Besides, pick the right gifts and you’ll have a very happy woman on your hands…”

Frank immediately goes and does exactly that, sending his wife a beautiful dress, her favorite perfume and even some sexy lingerie, each delivered to the house every few hours.

When evening came, Frank return to the house beaming with pride, and met his wife standing with a huge smile on her face. “First the beautiful dress, then the perfume I like so much, and then even some sexy lingerie! You really surprised me my love!”

“Think nothing on it my love, happy-“

“I never thought I’d wear such beautiful clothes to pick my mother up from the airport!”

It's National Thank You Day. Take time to thank anyone who has given you a hand when in need or inspired you when in down. Let them know they made a difference. It's also Someday. You know, that day you kept saying when you'd get around to doing something. Well, it's here and it's time to get busy. It's also Thank a Police Officer Day (there is a lot of bad news about a few officers, but the vast majority truly want to serve and deserve to be thanked for all they do and put up with), Cleanup/Coastal Cleanup Day (a day to volunteer and cleanup your community and the coastal waters), Software Freedom Day (celebrates free software and open source code), Puppy Mill Awareness Day (a reminder to adopt, not shop; the horrors of the puppy mills need to be shut down), Tackle Kids' Cancer Day (a day to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients), Responsible Dog Ownership Day (a reminder that dog ownership goes beyond loving your dog; healthy food, safe environment, training, and socializing are all necessary for a healthy canine), Make a Hat/Felt Hat Day (make a hat to make a statement; go a step further and make it a felt hat), Gymnastics Day (a tip of the hat to a centuries old sport), Online Learning Day (encourages you to try online courses and expand your knowledge base), Linguine Day (means "little tongues" in Latin; oldest form of pasta), Batman Day (first appeared in May 1939 DC Comic Books), Big Whopper Liar Day (honors the biggest liars such as Pinocchio and Jim Carey in "Liar, Liar"; lots of contests to tell the biggest whopper), Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids (festivities for kids in the communities), Dot Day (centered around Vashti, a girl in Peter H. Reynold's book "The Dot" who felt she couldn't draw; the teacher had her do a dot and this led Vashti to look beyond the dot), Day of Democracy (an UN observation of the democracies in the world), Greenpeace Day (a day to release your inner activist and act for a cause you believe in), Red Panda Day (a day to bring awareness to the destruction of the habitats of the special creatures), Caregivers Day (honors all caregivers), Eat an Apple Day (celebration of the cultural festivities centered around the harvest of the apples), Double Cheeseburger Day (oldest fast food restaurant is the White Castle franchise since 1921), Creme de Menthe (a tip of the hat to that minty, bright green liqueur), Cheese Toast Day (however you fix your cheese and toast, this is your day), Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Day (sounds good), LGBT Center Awareness Day (awareness of the resources available to the LGBT community), Locate an Old Friend Day (a day to encourage you to find an old friend through many resources such as social media), and 8-Track Tape Day (remember those clunky tapes?).
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