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Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Amazing" is now my go to word! Changing my mindset from losing weight to just being healthy was my key. The last few years had been rough on me on all levels and was in deep depression with a multitude of health issues. My family was concerned about me and urged me to see my doctor. It took me months to do it but I went in January this year (2018). A check up and series of testing evolved through March. My physical results were devastating! Medically speaking it was a miracle I was alive. All the "numbers" were beyond extreme and I was informed I should make my final arrangements as I probably won't make it for summer vacation and most certainly need not to make Christmas plans. None of my organs were functioning properly. The doctor gave me some depression medication and something else to make me more comfortable and suggested a low cholesterol diet (that probably wouldn't matter but I didn't want to take the pills so it was the alternative). He ordered more tests & I was to return in week. I went home and had a good cry. Talked with dh and family and immediately began focusing on just feeling better. My family rallied with me and I quit eating processed foods cut out the dairy, fatty meat, white starches to help my digestion tract that was a mess. One week later the doctor redoes tests and I go back in another week. My numbers are still outrageous but all the numbers are improved. A month later both my kidneys are "healthy" and my liver is on the boarder line. We continue with this routine for months with additional tests. The results continue to improve every week even though I'm still not feeling better. It is suggested I reduce my stress and maybe get away for a few days. It is now the end of July. My family packs me up and takes me to our time share on the beach. They stay one night after making certain I have all I need and leave me alone to de-stress. I did nothing but sleep, eat, pray and read for three days. The fourth day I woke up to a beautiful beach sunrise and realized I was smiling and feeling well for the first in well over a year. It was "amazing!" I put on a swim suit and took a walk on the beach. It was "amazing!" I went in the surf and headed back to timeshare to check on opportunities to fill the day. It was "amazing!" I made myself breakfast and put my juice in a wine glass. I ate on the balcony and enjoyed all my senses. It was "amazing!" The rain came and I went to movie theater near by. I stopped at a thrift store for "Habitat Humanity" and purchased some sandals for my dh and a smaller purse that still held my phone for under $3. It was "amazing!" The next day also was rainy but I went to lunch at a local restaurant called "Simply Chicken." It was all organic and whole foods. The chicken salad was "amazing!" I spent the afternoon doing a puzzle (a joyful thing I hadn't done in years) and catching up on some reading. That night I went to dinner show with Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra impersonators. I had a ring size table, a healthy Italian chicken meal with just the perfect sides. I went up with some other ladies as an audience participation moment and had my picture taken with Marilyn. It was "amazing!" I haven't been able to quit smiling. I feel like God has taken me through a storm! My family returned at the end of the week and we spent an "amazing!" day and evening together! They helped me pack up and we all came home together. I went to see my doctor two days later. He was awed by my improvement and had me return the next week to review the tests that hadn't returned. He said he'd like me to start seeing his associate who is more qualified to help me at this point but I don't need to come in until October as long as I feel okay and continue having my blood work done weekly. "AMAZING!" A week later the new doctor has had a message left for me to call the office asap he wants to see me asap. He wants to talk to me about my heart results. Momentary panic because I don't get the message until after office hours. First thing next day I'm on the phone & set up appointment for following day. I'm assured I don't need to panic because the doctor after reviewing my file wanted to meet me see me in person. It really wasn't an emergency. Whew! Thank you Jesus! They weighed me when I went in before seeing the doctor. My weight had been dropping at every visit (usually only a pound). When we met he wanted to review my entire history even though it was all in front of him. He wanted to hear me tell what he was seeing. He kept saying this is "amazing!" Every time I answered he read my file and shook his head and kept saying "amazing!" He asked me what cholesterol medication I was taking. I wasn't and hadn't taken any. "Why not?!" I wanted to try it natural first I said. "Why would you do that when your numbers are so incredibly high?" He couldn't believe I understood I was I on borrowed time. He looked me straight in the eye and said "You are amazing!" He asked what I was doing and questioned me about my diet. Only raw sugar or honey for sweeteners, cut out dairy fat, lean meat, fresh or frozen vegetables, no white potatoes or rice, and NO processed food except in a single minimal portion of only ONE item only once a week. I do walk some daily and do some strength training about every other day. He informed me that I was an encouragement to him that things can be done. He needed to see that. I go back in October. I'm to have tests a week before so he can just see it. It's "amazing!" he says and walks me out to the office and tells the entire staff and patients standing around "This lady is amazing!" I was floating in an "amazing!" happy bubble. I do have to continue doing what I'm doing and keep my stress to minimal. I have a couple leaking valves in my heart but they are minimal and not currently of a major concern. I have some nerve damage that could be permanent at this point as there's been no sign of improvement the last two visits and I still get shakes when I'm too tired or over exert myself. I get tired pretty easy but am learning to work around it. After all I am "amazing"... my doctor said so. lol My family and I are currently making Christmas and other "amazing" holiday plans. I give God all the credit! He is "Amazing!" and has done an "amazing" work in me! I hope sharing this will not "amaze" you but encourage and inspire you to be the "amazing" person you are and bring you joy! Hugs and Hugs!
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