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By older brain cells make me top heavy sometimes!

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Just look at these children---
Life can be so much fun-----if I think "light thoughts"--
--thoughts that don't weigh me down---
Yesterday I paisted that onto my scales---"LIGHTEN UP"---

How can these scales ever go down, if my head is full of "Depths of despair" thoughts?

You see, I'm a Mom----and when you become this Mom, no-one tells you that it's a life time thing---that once a Mom--always a Mom---
-Even when you are a Grand Mom, -------there is still that word--MOM in there----
And Moms, as they age, and their brain cells are frazzled from all the trials of raising these
children,--well, these same brain cells are so over worked, they don't know how to quit working , even when their children are grown--in fact they work harder---
And by now the grown children have multiplied so there are more people to worry about--

Sparking does help-teaches me to hoof it up the road---sometimes I dance around the house----but--- (that big "butt") there are times these kids and my overused brain cells collide---like yesterday---when son #4 ---announced --he is thinking about moving --from our wee town---to a job which pays more---but----to me is dangerous-
And of course why would he listen to the parents---with the over worked brain cells--

So to-day , with the sign on my scales, that I should stop over using the brain cells--- face this day --lighten up--- spark---- and stop preaching what Mom's tell their kids---
"Bite my Tongue" as Himself keeps informing me--
Grand parents only have half a tongue anyway---We have to bite it so often you know--

Lord love a Duck--To-day I shall---"LIGHTEN UP" --as Himself says--
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