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Ask for whom the alarm rings-

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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

I saw this --and thought--"Hey, this is me in the morning."
-blurry vision----and I do have to wait till daylight , and by that time, my eyes are more in focus-
Last year, it seemed like there was sand in my eyes--The Eye Doctor called it, "Dry Eyes"-----He recommended drops to be put in both eyes --often--since then I have progressed to ointments and gel, which seems to solve the problem better--
In the early morning, it takes time for the gel to clear--
I wonder when I walk Tess the German, too early, that a bear or a fox might be mistaken for a dog--or something--

I do carry an alarm---and hope that if I press the wee button, whatever animal around me , will run into the bush---
I have never used this extremely loud, very scary irritating noisy alarm --consciously----

Yesterday, however, while digging in my purse, my hand must've hit the button, set it off, unbeknownst to me-----and all of a sudden people all around me were saying, "What is that noise?"--and, "Do you hear that? Where is it coming from?" ----
Even myself, was thinking, "Whatta terrible sound!"--

I soon remembered, it was coming from my own purse--kinda embarrassing!

To-day is an UBER DAY--a day to take Himself to his office-
Hopefully I can journal ALL day--like how I did yesterday---
It really did help me control what went in my mouth--to see it on the paper--and the stepper which I attach to me made me get outside and cut grass---and brought my steps up to 6000-

You know, it's not easy to find time in the day to do any of this---
I know it pays off-----and it is a struggle some days---
It helps when I read your comments--that it's not just me working to achieve a healthy body---
Lord love a Duck----my alarm button helps too---
-brings all kinds of people around--instantly--

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