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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Choices We Make

I believe that the solution to all of my problems can be boiled down to one factor -- Choices.

First off, I should clear up one thing. My problems were caused by me. I take full ownership and responsibility for the current state that I am in. I refuse to blame anyone or anything, I did this to myself. I feel admitting this is the first step to moving forward.

I have not always made the best choices. I live beyond my means-which means I use credit to get things I want. I eat what I want and whenever I want, regardless if I am hungry or not. And I remain in a job, and do not pursue a career. There is one commonality between these things, they are the easy path.

I have lived this way most of my life. I have made several bad choices without any thought of the outcome. Quite honestly, I never expected to live this long. And from some of the really bad choices I made in my life, I am lucky that I am still alive.

We are faced with choices all day long. We choose to have that candy bar, we choose to eat out, we choose to go shopping when we do not need anything. It is the things we choose not to do that affects us as well. We choose not to exercise, we choose not to try and repair something, we choose not to update our resume and see what other opportunities are out there. Whenever we use the words “don’t” or “can’t”, replace it with “choose not to”, because that is what we are ultimately doing.

The choices we make define the life we are living. If you are unhappy with your life, or just want to change it, start by evaluating your choices. I have discovered that the choices that I believe are good for me are not very comfortable ones to make. I enjoy doing new things but it is a bit frightening leaving your comfort zone. For example, I am apprehensive about posting any blogs that I have written. Other than a couple of English classes in college a long time ago, I have no formal training in writing. It took a lot out of me to sit down and actually start writing. I also worry about trolls. You know, those people who hide their real identity and have nothing better to do online other than criticize people who have the courage to put content out there, while they do not.

If you are reading this, that must mean I chose to post it.

Make good choices

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