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11/4/18 Fight

Sunday, November 04, 2018

"If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's to fight. Fight for what's right. Fight for what you believe in, what's important to you. But most importantly, fight for the ones you love and never forget to tell anyone how much they mean to you while they're still alive."

"Bill appreciated the Marilyn Monroe themed birthday surprise….just not from his Nana."

A man enters a sexy lingerie store to purchase a sheer negligee for his wife.

He is shown several possibilities that range from $250 to $500 in price — the more sheer, the higher the price. Naturally, he opts for the sheerest item, pays the $500, and takes it home.

He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs, put it on, and model it for him. Upstairs the wife thinks (she’s no dummy): “I have an idea. It’s so sheer that it might as well be nothing. I won’t put it on, I’ll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, and keep the $500 refund for myself.”

She appears naked on the balcony and strikes a pose.

The husband says, “Good Grief! You’d think for $500, they’d at least iron it!”

He never heard the shot.

Funeral on Thursday at Noon.

The coffin will be closed.

It's Skeptics Day! We celebrate those folks who question everything. It can be a good balance to keep your feet on the ground while you're reaching for the stars. It's King Tut Day (commemorates the day in 1922 when British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb), Candy Day (celebrates all forms of candies; nice way to extend the Halloween sweets), End of Daylight Savings Time (remember to set your clocks back one hour if you didn't already do it last night), Use Your Common Sense Day (a day to remind us to think about what we're doing and use our common sense), Zero Tasking Day (always on the day we "fall back" from daylight savings time; gives us an excuse (if we needed one) to do nothing with the extra hour and just relax), and Waiting for the Barbarians Day (lots of references for this day but not a lot of information as to what we're celebrating; there is a book of the same name by J.M. Coetzel who wrote about a small-town magistrate and dealing with the cruel attitudes of the town toward the local barbarians).
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