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Seventeen Years Ago Today

Friday, November 16, 2018

17 years ago today my husband died from his injuries from a car accident that occurred the day before. He left the 3 kids 13, 10 ,9 and I behind. We had many losses in the family that we got through now with his loss life it took every last strand out of us that we had been hanging on to.

We have worked our own ways through his loss, the boys and I have become more compassionate and emphatic and love to help others. My daughter 4 years ago the last I saw of her still had a lot of anger issues. I hope she has come to be more at peace with things now.

They say that God never gives you more than you can handle and at the time you are dealing with it surely feels like it way more than you can handle. As the years go by the pain lessens you got through it and strangely a better person than you were before it, that is once you begin to accept it.

As far as the saying that happens for a reason, I haven't quite figured that one out yet or whether that saying is pure garbage.

I have a nasty sinus infection that I have had for 2 1/2 months now that is causing severe headaches here and there. I have a medium pain headache now. So venturing into thoughts of how I have survived my life and a new battle to fight is adding a new chapter onto my life story. The ride has been a long and bumpy one for sure.
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