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November 23rd

Friday, November 23, 2018

WOW the year is rushing to its end. One of the things I was thinking about today..When a kid it took forever for the week to go by. Now at this point in life I look at the date and think..OMG..Friday already! Another week gone by and what have I done or achieved that I set out to do on Monday. Which seems like yesterday!

Miss Molly had a big day barking at my feral cats. I was feeling sorry for them , then looked outside and saw they were happily eating away while Molly was going ballistic barking at them.
I knew that Grandpa was not afraid of her but did not know the babies were as cool about it as he is. Molly gets in her exercise running between the large back yard and the front yard to check for any changes out there.
I have a tin trash can on the front porch that has wild bird feed in it. Well Molly has figured out that she can stand on it and look in the front door to see if anyone is coming to open the door for her. I mean she stands on the can completely! Looks like the cartoon of the elephant balancing on a small stool! That dog finds more ways to keep me laughing! She must have worn herself out today. After her last visit outside she went straight to her kennel and laid down. I did not even have to say a word! As time goes by she is settling down more ..the puppy crazy is going away and the mature ?? dog is slowly emerging. She is such a good companion and indeed watch dog. A noise outside causes her to come up on alert..then if she decides it needs it she can do the Big Dog bark very impressively .
Some one forgot to tell my hens that they quit laying in the cold. I have an increasing number of 18 count egg cartoons full in my fridge. Time to either scramble some to feed back to the girls or make an Angle Food cake. Thinking scramble is a good idea.
Heading into the weekend...I do hope ya'al enjoy every day!
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