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November 25th

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Can you hear the bells ringing..indeed only a month till that special day!
I will echo what thousands say..I so wish it had not become so commercialized.
That said..today I read a note from another team member that had to do with being grateful.

That has been a bit of an issue for me the past few days. Don Q's new folks have been over to feed him and to help me . I do appreciate it..but also found myself being snappy.. why? Because they don't do things like I do..in the order I do..etc. After so long of doing alone..doing my way and having my pattern I found I was being short because my pattern was being changed. I think we all have our way of doing most things and it is difficult when they get stirred up. So I put my mind to finding the positives and to being more patient!
I have more time..that means more time to do what I want..be it work with Molly or read or whatever...the list can be endless. They need to spend as much time with Don Q as they can to bond with him. .and they want to help me as a thanks for letting him stay here. Why oh why can it be so hard to accept help?
That got me thinking on just gratitude and appreciation. There are so many little things one can do..not even realize what a difference it makes..but even a smile at the right time can rock someone elses world when it is fizzling out around them. Thoughtfulness and consideration are not a lost art...except on Black Friday!! There are so many instances of people doing good things...I wish our news carried more of that and less of the negative.
So there's my thoughts for this day. Learn to accept help graciously . Feel and express sincere gratitude...then pass it on.
As I once read..what a wonderful world it would be if we all had hearts like our dogs!
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