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November 28th

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Another lovely day here..so again got with the program outside.
Big shed raked out and cleaned , Set up to put feed barrels and hay in .
Then my son got the small entry door for the chickens in the small shed.
Cleaned it out, got roosts set up. I had pictures but I cannot seem to get them from
Google drive to here..grrrrrrrrrrr
The poor hens were pecking at the doors to the big shed , then looking at the windows as if expecting me to look out and open the doors for them. A few ventured over to the smaller shed and went in to scratch about some. I put Sir Crowsalot in there and he promptly dashed out.
When I went out to check on them after dark started, they were all in there but one lil confused hen. She just could not figure it out. So I shooed her over to the door of her NEW home and she dashed in. I had hoped by using the same door and the old roost that they would associate it as being where they were to be. Seems to have worked. Now to see if they will continue to lay eggs at the rate they have been. Chickens are weird lil critters and any change in their routine can shut down the egg machine. Guess I will find out tomorrow.
A new problem has cropped up in my world..I think I am getting hit with "eating out of boredom". During the day I am busy and I will stop to make a meal . Like this AM I fixed an egg, sausage and pepper omlett ..yum..made enough for bkfst and lunch. Then thot about 6,,I ought to eat..so had a PBJ. But at 8 I was starving and doing the ole ,,check the fridge to see if anything good grew in there since last time. Sigh. I settled for a chunk of turkey and a few bites of cranberries. but Now am questioning..was I hungry or was I bored. No matter how healthy your choice..more calories are more calories! Guess I will police me for a while and see if this is becoming a habit...if so it is one I intend to break rapidly.
Well Pups sleeping on my bed..making warm spot for me. Molly has tucked away in her kennel..and I have to be up and out early in the AM.
Here's to a good nites sleep and a beautiful tomorrow!!
Nite ya'al!!
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