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November 30th

Friday, November 30, 2018

Another day on the farm..
I guess the hens like their new digs. Not only did they go in and use the lil nest box, they gave me one more than I have been getting. Mark of approval?? or just gratitude for their new home!

Then Don Q decided to present me with a challenge. Perhaps he just wanted to watch me walk about in circles!! Either way..I could not find his feed dish. A standard round semi flat soft rubber type dish. truly not hard to see. He likes to play with it..runs around in his area with it in his mouth shaking his head like a dog..then sends it flying.I have found his ball in a tree and nearly everytime I go out I have to toss that ball back in his pen. But today..that feed dish was just gone!! As I walked by the water tank the thought crossed my mind...there is a lot of dirt on the top of the tank..need to flush and put in fresh water. Then the bulb lit!!
We have not had winds that bad to blow that much ick in the tank, plus it is really sheltered, it would have to be a tornado to get that much dirt in it. So I looked very deep into the tank and there was the feeding dish! Putting my arm in cold water nearly up to my shoulder is not my idea of how to start a nice day..but that was what I had to do. I did however make me a promise...I will pick that dish up every evening..no more over night play sessions with the dish! He has a ball...and a tire ..so he can play with those, both would float if he put them in the tank!!
That was about the biggest adventure of the day. After that everything else seemed much calmer! Now am about ready to tuck in and call it a night.
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