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December 3rd

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

In a really weird mood this PM..and for some reason..maybe thoughts of G. Bush and B. Bush..
Just thinking of lasting love and devotion. Then reading stories of dogs that return to where they last saw their beloved owners..the loyalty there. I decided to tell a story of a dog we had.
Hopefully it will make you smile.

Buster was a mutt...in capital letters MUTT, no idea what he was, but do know he was a very special dog. We adopted him from the local Animal Control. No idea why he was surrendered..maybe because he was an impulsive independent thinking guy! This tale is of the time we were working the peanut fields in Oklahoma.
Peanuts grow under ground in rows much like potatoes. We did not have a machine to turn them over so we were pulling and shaking and stacking up and down the rows. Back breaking work..but Buster made it a time to laugh and enjoy. He would "pre-dig " the peanuts for us..then stand back as we pulled at the deeply rooted plants. When the plant with peanuts attached would pop out of the ground, he would move on to the next one considering that job done. He also looked out for snakes and rats that liked to live in the bushy thickly planted rows.
The folks, it was their farm, had a nice female mix collie..and dern if I can remember her name..but ahhhhhhhhh Buster fell in love! He followed her , would lay next to her, if she would let him. If you saw her..he was near by. On one day we noticed her laying at the end of the row and Buster was off in the far field running like mad. Finally he caught the big field rat he was after. He proudly trotted over to her and plopped that rat right in front of her, then stepped back proud of his gift. She munched away and left none for him. Then got up to rub her head on his side and face. From that time the two were inseparable. It was such fun to watch them romp thru the fields chasing what ever unfortunate creature they were after. Much like cats they would run a rat from one end to the other of the rows til tired of it..then they would share a tasty doggie lunch.
As often happens in life. The folks left and moved to Oregon taking his love with them.
Buster pouted and went on for a bit..leaving our place and going over to the one where they had been looking for her. Then one day, he did not go..but instead stuck to my side for that day and for the rest of his life. Did he think I would take him to her or did he just accept that in life things change? Who can know. He was a loyal friend and great companion thru the days of his life and I was lucky to have known him.
As has been said..do not cry because it is over...smile that it happened at all!
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