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As We Grow Older..............

Thursday, December 13, 2018

As we grow older and wiser, we realize that a $3000 or $30 watch----both tell the same time.

Whether we carry a $300 or $30 wallet/purse----the amount of money inside is the same.

Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $30 or $3 wine----the hangover is the same.

Whether the house we live in is 300, 3000, or 30,000 square feet----the loneliness is the same.

And, we realize our true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Whether we fly first or economy class, if the plane reaches its destination---everyone arrives at the same time.

I actually feel very sorry for a person who is so influenced by THINGS, or where they LIVE, or how they DRESS, or what they choose to EAT, or how much MONEY they make, or are very clear about how they do things is the ONLY right way, makes me sad, because they are missing what is truly important in life..............and no one will ever be able to convince them of this..............because they are ALWAYS right.

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