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2019 Goals Vision Board

Saturday, December 22, 2018

I haven't found a place on the computer yet to make a collage and I haven't got done with the hand made one as of yet for the year.

The first pic is the commitment to exercise both cardio and strength training for 2019!

The second pic is to keep it up with my walking in the fall and winter I typically get 120 minutes of walking on nature trails daily. In spring in summer I average 90 minutes a day on the nature trails. Not only is this good for my body it is also great for my mind as it is relaxing to get out in nature. To continue this is 2019!

Third picture is to give yoga a serious try this year to improve my flexibility and to calm my mind in 2019!

Fourth picture is to add lemon to my water. I have heard of the health benefits of adding lemon to water, so I am going to do this this in 2019!

Fifth Picture is to eat at least 6-7 veggies a day, right now I average 4-5 a day, so I am going to increase my veggie intake in 2019!

Six Picture is to reduce the fruits I eat to 2 a day, right now I am at 3-4 a day. I have Diabetes so I even have to watch sugar from natural sources as well. I am going to reduce my fruit intake in 2019!

7th Picture I am going to continue with nap time with the cats, it is very relaxing and in the cold weather they keep you nice and toasty. More cat cuddle time in 2019! (not all napping)

8th Picture is to see more sunrises and sunsets just so beautiful....more of this in 2019!

9th Picture is to travel this year, first stop to see my friend in Michigan....I will do this in 2019!

Things not on my vision board:

Move out of my neighborhood that I have lived for 18 years and begin a new life away form here. I am looking forward to this!

Learn a lot in the education classes and get to increasing the exercise I can do without getting very badly out of breath.

I am going to look for more health education classes that I can take

I am going to complete my living will and power of attorney there is other paperwork to get completed.

Live a life full of positivity and gratitude

There is a hole lot I would like to do in 2019!

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