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Premium Coach Assignment: My Journey In Short

Friday, January 04, 2019

I began this journey to live a healthier life after having my first stroke in 2009. I was told that if I did not change my diet and start exercising that I would be back in that bed in the future with perhaps a more severe stroke or even die.

The severe pain of neuropathy intertwined within my legs feet and hands. Any slight movement felt like tiny knives stabbing from within my legs and feet. I felt that I was truly in hell.

I came bedridden, and I slowly worked my way back to mobility. I started walking around the house, then a block in the outdoors. I am up to about 5 miles a day now with my walking! I did get help from neurology providing me medication to help with the pain. Now to work with my diet. It seems crazy that to have lost the instinctual nature to eat the foods that our bodies need. I have been working with a dietician for a while now and she has been so helpful to me. She got me to drinking 10 glasses of water a day I need to work my way to 12 glasses a day for my kidneys.

I was going though the motions and listening to advice from several sources I lost 20 pounds in 5 years with 85 more pounds to lose. I was really frustrated that nothing was working. What I didn't understand at that time is that I needed to also do mind work and the number one thing is to always believe in myself!

Weight loss is a battle of mind over matter, at least it has with me! I am now 45 pounds from my goal weight! I have lost 40 pounds in a year since working both mind and body!

I am enjoying my life more now, I have gained much confidence in myself. I am able to get out and enjoy myself and embrace the days I get to spend with my boys! I am able to talk with my neighbors and also make some fur friends along the way. I get to feel the sunshine warm my body and also the cold that the winter brings. I just enjoy getting out and meeting people, trying new foods, new exercises. I love life again!
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